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Spiritual Caregiving

January 2007 Articles:

Gaining Release: Healing Hands and Labyrinths

December 2006 Articles:

Tending to Spirituality's Physical Side: 2 Approaches

Rx for Heart Health

November 2006 Articles:

How Many Ways Can You Open Your Heart? -- Part 4

How Many Ways Can You Open Your Heart? -- Part 3

How Many Ways Can You Open Your Heart? -- Part 2

October 2006 Articles:

How Many Ways Can You Open Your Heart? - Part 1

The Heart as an Organ of Perception - Part 3

The Heart as an Organ of Perception - Part 2

September 2006 Articles:

The Heart as an Organ of Perception - Part 1

A Potpourri of News for the Caregiver's Soul

Three Strategies for Dealing with Stress

Innovative Medical and Mental Advances to Think About

For an Aging Body, Sit Tall, Feel Better

August 2006 Articles:

Looking at 'Green' Burials and Spiritual Transformation

Life's Amusing Tidbits to Make You Feel Better

For a Better Future, Reflect and Improve on Your Past Life

July 2006 Articles:

This Hospital Has a Laugh Track

Alive with Passion -- The Final Chapter

Alive with Passion -- Part 3

Alive with Passion -- Part 2

June 2006 Articles:

Alive with Passion -- Part 1

Finding Peace in the Spiritual Marketplace

May 2006 Articles:

Creating a Culture of Health: A Telling Interview with Ralph Snyderman

7 Inner Steps to the Health You Truly Want -- Part 2: The Last 4 Steps

7 Inner Steps to the Health You Truly Want -- Part 1: The First 3 Steps

April 2006 Articles:

Cultivating Awe in Four Stages

The Character of Happiness -- Part 3

March 2006 Articles:

The Character of Happiness -- Part 2

February 2006 Articles:

The Character of Happiness -- Part 1

News to Use -- Blending Happiness with Inane

Marbles and Life . . . and Death

January 2006 Articles:

When the Heart Is Open but the Mind Is Not

December 2005 Articles:

Spiritual Warrior, Ordinary Housewife -- and My Mother

In the Mirror: What We Believe, How It Affects Us

Pondering the Latest in Alternative Therapies

Finding 'Home' Within Ourselves

November 2005 Articles:

From Trial and Tribulation Come Inspiration

New Developments on Arthritis, Hormones, and Aging Happily

October 2005 Articles:

A Time for Inner Renewal

The Radish of Immortality

The Mozart Effect -- Speeding the Healing Process with Music at Every Turn

The Perfect Heart Meditation

September 2005 Articles:

Visual, Audio Memory Aids Enhance Your Medical Recall

What Is This Thing Called Prayer?

August 2005 Articles:

A 60-Second Guide to Integral Medicine

Beyond the Late Night Binge: Crave Not, Want Not

Keeping Our Brains Young and Healthy

We Really Do Come from Venus and Mars -- Down to Our Genes

July 2005 Articles:

Speaking the Truth Matters. What We Say Matters. Trust Matters. And: Distrust Is as Dangerous as Smoking

The Joy of Breathing

Looking for Summer Inspiration? These Books Can Help

The Strengthening Power of Companionship

June 2005 Articles:

More Soul Nourishment -- Through Whimsy, Writing and More

Time Again to Nourish Your Soul -- and Live More Fully

More from Living Fully: 42 Ways to Nourish Your Soul

Living Fully: Ways to Nourish Your Soul

May 2005 Articles:

Moving Forward With Spirituality in Modern Medicine

Gleaning Hope from the Files of 'Miraculous Recoveries'

Facing the Other Side

April 2005 Articles:

Okay, I Surrender

Facing and Overcoming Life's Inner and Outer Challenges

Accepting the Impossible is Not Impossible

Generous Wisdom Shared to Make Your Life Richer

Generous Wisdom: Collected and Shared for All to Benefit

March 2005 Articles:

Finding Inner Peace in Caregiving?s Face

Consciousness Beyond Death?

The Sensuousness of the Spirit

Beyond Fear: 3 Views of Overcoming the Bugaboo

February 2005 Articles:

Sound of the Soul: Free Your Inner Voice in 7 Minutes a Day

12 Ways to Nourish Your Soul

Time Is Love

The Value of Spiritual Care in Life and Death

January 2005 Articles:

From the Heart, in Every Meaning of the Word

Energy Medicine Goes Main Street

The Caregiver?s Road to the 'Helper?s High'

People or Disease: Dissecting Medicine?s View of You and Me

December 2004 Articles:

In a Hospital or at Church, Healing Happens

Looking at Grief from Many Perspectives

Understanding Labyrinths

Grace in the Moment

Two Approaches to the Soul-Body Connection

November 2004 Articles:

A Prayer Primer

Two Takes on Taking Our Time

The Lawn-Mower Path

Spirituality vs. Disease

October 2004 Articles:

The New World of Medicine

The Magic of Words

Caregiving's Gift and Other Acts of Kindness

Elder Wisdom: Celebrating a Life-Stage Our Culture Sometimes Writes Off

The Subtle Art of . . . Subtle Healing

September 2004 Articles:

Attitude Adjustment: Don't Think About Caring -- Just Care

Help from Unexpected Quarters

Healing Rooms as a Prayerful Alternative

Killing Cancer with Kindness -- Does it Work?

August 2004 Articles:

Music, Prayer Provide Unexpected Caregiver Stress Relief

Lessons from a Boot Camp for Listening

Healing at a Distance ? Closer Than You Think

Forsaking the Myth of Health

July 2004 Articles:

Complementary Medicine Comes of Age

At the End, Spiritual Well-Being Really Matters

Chronic Pain Relief Requires a ?Change of Heart? ? List These D's on Your Refrigerator

Caregivers -- Making Miracles Every Day

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