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Publisher's Message: Our Pledge to You

Caregiving can be an extremely lonely and frustrating vigil. It can also be filled with delight and satisfaction. It’s finding the blend of both that matters most.

From the often sudden immersion into the role of caring for an elderly loved one to the myriad number of decisions on unfamiliar topics one encounters, to the sleepless nights, lost wages and strained home life, caregivers are catapulted on a journey of love and dedication that can take a mental, emotional and physical toll.

We are here to help you along this journey of highs and lows.

We strive to help you, the caregiver, balance your life and career with your family care responsibilities by delivering you up-to-date information, access to important caregiver (and care-given) resources, as well as provide a source of support as you move through this labor of love.

We reach you both online, at this site, and in print, with our monthly newsletter, The Caregiver’s Home Companion.

Each month, we present you with straightforward, tightly written actionable information in our newsletter to help you with your caregiver duties. We include contact information for resources quoted or mentioned in each article of each edition so you may easily follow up on points of interest. You can find a helpful “How I Cope” feature in each issue, a first-person account written by a caregiver like yourself outlining tips they have learned along the way. There also will be a Question-and-Answer section for readers to ask the advice of caregiving professionals who will respond to your questions in The Caregiver’s Home Companion.

Online, we provide you, first and foremost, with community. At, we have built a harbor from the daily ups and downs of caregiving, a place to share your feeling, ask advice, lend tips and make acquaintances with other family caregivers – those sharing your experiences, those understanding your needs and frustrations.

Our site will offer you high quality goods and services for sale, with the intention of making your task easier and more efficient. We’ll have the answers to a myriad of resource questions through our online directory for products and service companies and organizations. And we’ll provide online links to the sites of other important destinations geared to meeting your needs and interests.

You can also elect to receive The Caregiver’s Hotline, a biweekly update of news relevant to you and the one you care for, delivered online directly into your email box.

Caregiving touches many relationships within families. Most often it is a child caring for an elderly parent, but it also includes care of uncles and aunts, siblings and spouses. All of them are loved ones, of course, but from a simplicity standpoint you may see our articles referring most often to parent-child relationships. Be aware that the information contained in these articles applies almost universally, regardless of the relationship.

Please let us hear from you with your questions, comments or suggestions. We’re here for you. That’s our pledge.

Most sincerely,

Chris Pederson

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