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Posted July 25, 2005

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Caregiving Products: Quality Adult Diapers

Q. I recently saw your website and read the advice you gave to a caregiver, which included the use of plastic pants as one of several incontinence care options. I have permanent incontinence due to injury, and recently started wearing cloth reusable diapers. I wear plastic pants over them, but I am looking for high quality ones (the ones I have are not good quality -- the plastic is stiff and noisy). Could you please recommend some high quality plastic pants for me to wear?

John F., Tualatin, Oregon

A. Here are two good resources for higher quality plastic pants. The first is L.L. Medico ( the phone number is 610-436-8831). The other is My best wishes to you! Let me know if your search is successful.

This answer is provided by Paula P. Tchirkow, MSW, LSW, ACSW, president of Pittsburgh-based Allegheny Geriatric Consultants and a certified and licensed geriatric care manager. She specializes in geriatric care management for elderly parents and relatives, and middle-aged adults who have chronic illnesses. In addition to working with families, she also works with attorneys, financial advisors, physicians, bank trust officers and human resource directors. She can be reached at

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