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Posted September 14, 2005

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Caregiving Products: Diapers Designed for Male Incontinence

Q. I look forward to reading your advice column. I have permanent incontinence (due to nerve damage) and have not found any disposable diapers which work well for me. I have been told that most "testing" is done be elderly females in assisted living or nursing homes, and very few males have been test subjects. From experience, the problem of leaking from disposable diapers (at night, when I sleep on my side), is due to the diapers having no absorbent material at the SIDES. Being male, when sleeping on my side, the tip of my penis is right at the very edge of the absorbent material (which is in front & in the rear, but not along the sides). Thus, I leak along the sides, where the front and back are taped together.

Why doesn't anyone make disposable diapers for males, with absorbent material on the sides, the same as at the front and back? I wear plastic pants over to prevent the leaks (which I have gotten used to). Also, can you recommend any good quality plastic pants' sources online? Thank you.

John F.

A. Hi, and thanks for you interest in the column. I found some interesting information when I went to and typed in "male incontinence products". You might try the same. For example, here's a link to a product, or a series of products, specifically for men that might be helpful:

There is help out there; good luck in your search.

(This answer is provided by Valerie VanBooven, a registered nurse, professional geriatric care manager, author, and professional speaker. She is a leading expert on long-term care planning and crisis management. Valerie is president of Senior Care Solutions, a private geriatric care management practice in the St. Louis area. She is the author of our weekly online column Professional Caregiving at this website, and her books include Aging Answers: Secrets to Successful Long-Term Care Planning, Caregiving, and Crisis Management.Valerie’s website is She can be reached at

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