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The articles appearing in The Caregiver’s Home Companion, along with items reported on this site and other relevant news stories and features from other sources, are available electronically to subscribers in the Archives Section of this site. 

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Articles from 2003

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December 2003 Articles:

"How I Cope": Different Land, Same Issues:
Lessons Learned in an Indian Caregiving Home

Efficient Sensitivity Required: Dealing with a Parent Who Abandons Accepted Standards of Personal Hygiene

Tax Tips Designed to Save You Money: A Caregiver's Guide to Tax Preparation

Avoiding the "Winter Blues": How to Keep Active and Mentally Healthy in Winter's Dreary Months

Dangerous Flu Season: Caregivers and Their Elderly Must Take Precautions

Capabilities Often Overestimated: Dollars and Cents Don't Always Make Sense for Alzheimer's Patients - or Caregivers

Alzheimer's Warning Signs: What to Look for in Family Members - Including You, the Caregiver

November 2003 Articles:

Caregiver Relief Too: Alzheimer's Agitation Eased by Use of Synthetic Marijuana

Fear of Falling: Helping Elderly Overcome Fears and Falls

Use It or Lose It: How the Ancient Art of Tai Chi May Keep Your Loved One on Their Feet

C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E: Make the Holidays Meaningful (and Bearable) With These Caregiver Tips

"How I Cope": Siblings Pulling Together is Essential to Successful Caregiving

Five Nutrition Warning Signs for Caregivers and Their Elderly: What's Normal, What's Not

Sweeping Study of Studies: Stops Short of Labeling Caregiving "Health Hazard" But Finds More Ill Health in Carers

Technology in Medicine: Pill Cam Transforms Exams of Digestive System; Painless Alternative to Invasive Procedures

New Weapon in Alzheimer's Battle: PET Scan Significantly Improves Ability to Predict Brain Impairment

Presidential Proclamation on Alzheimer's Disease

May Slow Memory Loss: Additional Benefit Found In Alzheimer's Drug Aricept

National Family Caregivers Month

CNL Acquires 17 Senior Living Facilities in 10 States from Sunrise Senior Living

A Portrait: Preparing for and Easing the Heartbreak Of Transition Due to Dementia

October 2003 Articles:

Available in January: Memantine Wins FDA Approval for Use on Moderate to Severe Alzheimer's in the U.S.

Tips on Medicine Maintenance: Caregivers Must Be Vigilant in Monitoring Medications

Nursing Home Care: Stay Involved to Ensure the Best Care

Sorting Through the Assisted Living Maze

On the Decline: When Home Care is Not Enough

"How I Cope": Developing a Plan for Transitioning to an Assisted Living Facility

More Than Just the Blues: Stress of Caregiving Requires You to Be Watchful for Signs of Your Own Depression

Rates Jump 13.5%: Medicare Premiums Will Take One of Their Largest Increases in History Next Year

Hospitalization "Hazardous to Your Health"?: Injuries Caused by Medical Procedures Are Costly in Many Ways

Caregivers Take Note: Closest Relatives At Risk of Developing Tremors If Family Member Has Parkinson's Disease

Spousal Caregiving: Study Links Increased Stress, Mild Depression In Caregivers With Weakened Immune System

Caregiver Stress is Factor: Quality of Life Motivates Alzheimer's Caregivers in Approving Drugs to Slow the Disease

Similar to Guide Dogs for Blind: Caregivers May Turn to Dogs to Assist Alzheimer's Patients; Tests in Israel Show Positive Benefit

Annual Working Mother Survey: Employee Caregivers Give High Marks to Certain Companies for Understanding and Accommodation

Study: Chronic Disease Shown as Cause for Falls in the Elderly

September 2003 Articles:

Mind Over Matter: Tai Chi Does It Again - Elderly Benefit from Reduced Shingles, Greater Movement

Memantine Update: FDA Panel Backs Drug's Use in U.S. for Alzheimer's Treatment

High Fiber Diets Are Important In Keeping Your Loved Ones Healthy

Ferreting Facts from Fiber

Fiber Fabulous Recipes

"Interventions" Cited as Easing Caregiver Stress and Depression: Study at Stanford University Indicates Women Derive Much Greater Benefits From Skill-Building Programs

Lowly Herb Sage May Aid Alzheimer's Researchers

Free Copies Online: Three New Reports on Significant Family Caregiving Issues

Avoiding Caregiver Burnout: Five Secrets to Managing Caregiver Stress

Caregiver Balancing Act: Juggling the Demands of Work and Caregiving

Tips for Overnight Caregivers

Crisis in the Making: Number of Elder-Physicians Declines As Elderly Population Explodes

Parkinsonpoly Is Here: Parkinson's Patients and Caregivers Treated to Novel Information Source

Inflamed Bowel Disease: Using Steroids to Treat Crohn's Disease Increases Bone Fracture Risk

NY Doctor Imprisoned for Medicare Fraud

Hotline Cuts Drug Bill For Seniors

A Comedy Film About Assisted Living? Yes!

Marriott Exits Assisted Living Business

Rural Areas Lag Cities in Coverage: Medicare Drug Benefit Especially Vital to Rural Americans

Researchers Find Alzheimer's Diagnosed One Year Earlier, Lending the Disease to Earlier Critical Treatment

Non-Medicinal Treatments Appear to Improve Behavior of Dementia Patients

August 2003 Articles:

Regular Use of Common Painkillers May Reduce Parkinson's Disease Risk

Caregivers Would Benefit Too!: Trendy Therapies May Aid Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients Get More Sleep

Alzheimer's Signs Occur in Tests on Rabbits: Copper in Drinking Water Implicated in Contributing to Alzheimer's Disease

Aid to 2 Million Wheelchair-bound: Stair-Climbing, Verticalizing Wheelchair Approved for Use

Without New Treatments for Alzheimer's, Cases Could Triple by 2050

HHS Support Affects Most States: Alzheimer's Caregivers Get Government Boost in Developing Ways to Effectively Provide Family Care

Nearly 17% of Older Americans Need Home or Nursing Care, Many Face Wide Ranging Costs: New Study

New Study

New Study

Older Americans Should Avoid Some Drugs: According to researchers, the natural age-related changes that occur in the body can make some drugs too potent for the user

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness: Napping May Be Good for Your Loved One - Or a Sign of Future Cognitive Impairment

Survey Finds Americans Would Rather Hold Out for More Generous Medicare Drug Bill

"How I Cope": Long Distance Caregiving Is Stressful, But Manageable

A Memoir on Caregiving and How Neighbors Help

Caregivers Need to Monitor for Peripheral Artery Disease: Symptoms Are Often Hidden

Recommended Test for Peripheral Artery Disease

Depression Is a Side Effect of Medicine - So Be Alert to the Signs: Develop a dialogue with doctors, nurses And home health providers

Working with a Professional Caregiver: A skilled professional caregiver can not only help care for a seriously ill relative, but help you learn some valuable nursing skills

July 2003 Articles:

The Caregiver's Responsibility: Your Loved Ones Have A Mind of Their Own

New Drug Slows Alzheimer's Progression

"How I Cope": A Story of Caring for an Estranged Loved One

Tough Coach, Tough Love, Tough Talk

Many Are Unprepared For Caregiving

Nine Tips for Choosing the Right Healthcare Provider

Keeping Funds Separate Is Essential For Caregivers and Seniors

New Government Rules Protect Your Loved One's Privacy - Even From You

What to Do When Your Parent's House is Falling Down

Four Key Steps to Selecting A Healthcare Provider

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