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Articles from 2004

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December 2004 Articles:

Aleve is Bad-Boy Headliner This Week

List of Confusing Drug Problems Now Includes Bextra

AARP: Seniors are OK with Medical Marijuana

US Issues Solemn Warning: Slow Down on Drug Imports

States Win Expansion of Vioxx Refund Program

Why Not Ask for A Generic Drug?

Alcohol and the Elderly: An All-too-Common Bond with Serious Consequences

Don't Confuse Confusion for Dementia

Designing for Care & Comfort: Tips for Creating a Safe, Inviting Caregiving Suite For Your Loved One

'Looking for a Nurse in a Haystack': Where to Find Quality In-Home Care for Your Loved One

Pfizer Steps into Hot Seat With Celebrex Disclosure

Don?t Go Off Your Advil, for Your Heart?s Sake

Grandmother Raped Allegedly by Nursing Home Resident with Record

All Work and No Benefits

Finger Prick Could Determine Heart Risk

Godfather of Soul Resting After Surgery for Prostate Cancer

An Epidemic Forecast -- One in Three Will Develop Diabetes

A Lot of Pills to Swallow, a Lot of Conditions to Treat

$4.4 Billion (and Growing) Market for Defibrillators

Husband Tries to Steal $$$ from Millionaire Wife with Alzheimer's

Learning about Catheters and Infections Saves Lives

Queen Bee is Mother Nature's Gift to Cancer Patients

Arthritis Sufferers Should Cautiously Add Remicade to the Mix

Cruel Irony: Noted ALS Doctor Now Patient

Flu and the FDA: An 'Intense and Urgent Time'

A Future Without Nursing Homes?

Read Between the Lines with Iris Murdoch

Shark Cartilage as Cancer-Prevention Falls Short on Proof

November 2004 Articles:

'Til Death Do Us Part ? With Dash of Caregiving Misgivings

'Holiday Heart' is Serious Cardiac Concern

Eat, Drink and Be Merry ? In Moderation

A Rested Doctor Probably is a Better Doctor

Another Elderly Abandonment Shocker

Asleep at the Switch: A (Non)-Caregiving Follow-up

Navigating the Financial Black Hole of Old Age: What Every Caregiver Needs To Know to Protect Assets

Need a Caregiver Timeout?: Holidays + Caregiving = STRESS

Spice Up Your Life!: Thinking Outside the Recipe Box

Defibrillators Approved for Home Use: Taking Technology to Heart

Avoiding Accidental Overdosing: A Caregiver's Guide

Making and Living With a Difficult Caregiving Decision

Popular Alzheimer's Drug May Help MS Patients

FDA Vet Criticizes Agency on Vioxx, Adds 5 Other Danger Drugs

Poll: Consumers Want Action on Healthcare Costs

Spend More to Cut Medicare Costs: the Government's Answer

Fight Holiday Blues by Picking Up the Phone

National Family Caregivers Month, 2004

National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month, 2004

Does Heart Med Breakthrough Spell Race-Based Medicine?

Leukemia More Common in Overweight, Older Women

Bextra Takes Its Place on the Cox-2 Safety Hot Seat

Drugs Unveiled to Battle Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS

Sign of the Times?
Elderly Woman Dumped at Retirement Home

FDA Allows Health Claim for Olive Oil

VP Cheney is Fine, Despite Breathing Problems

Another Big Drug Comes Under the Heart Health Microscope

REMINYL or AMARYL? Apparently Doctors Are Confused too

Vioxx Toll Mounts:
FDA Estimates Heart Attacks Exceed 27,000

Report: Email Trail Burns Merck on Vioxx

'Safer' Celebrex Implicated in 14 Canadian Deaths

Just Visiting Mom Turns into Just Trespassing

Has Flu Shot Shortage Gotten Under Your Skin? It May Soon

Time for Government to Wake Up and Smell the Co-Pay?

Caregiver Respite on the Beach - Comes With a Flu Shot

Trying to Recover from the Flu (Vaccine Shortage, That Is)

Heartburn Drugs Increase Pneumonia Risk

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Under a Legal Microscope

Price Gouging Charges Lead Meds-Stat To Surrenders Flu Vaccine

Tea, Not Coffee, Can Keep You Sharp, Guard Against Alzheimer's

Walking May Be Safeguard Against Dementia, But Why?

Americans Not Bullish Hand Washers, Despite Health Benefits

Aricept Just Got Easier to Swallow

Dogs Used to Sniff Out Cancer in Humans

Former Chilean Dictator Pinochet Has Dementia

October 2004 Articles:

Blending Care with Prayer: Turning to Spirituality to Help Cope With Caregiving Stress

Navigating the Financial Black Hole of Old Age: Wisely Mining Assets as a Means Of Controlling Elderly Debt

Trading Independence for Safety: Getting Stubborn Elders to Give Up Driving

Getting Along: Ten Tips for Working with a Professional Caregiver

Remember the Studebaker?: Reminiscing as Therapy for Your Elderly Parents

Drug Reduces Fractures in Elderly Women

Vioxx Pain Worsens in Every Respect

Too Much (or Too Little) Iron Linked to Parkinson 's

Americans Must Trim Down to Stem Healthcare Costs

Study Links Sitting in Traffic to Heart Attacks

Flu Crisis Claims Elderly Victim - From a Fall

Researchers Warn of Dangers of Other Vioxx-Type Drugs

Pfizer Warns of Bextra Risks on Heels of Vioxx Withdrawal

Flu Risks Increase While Elderly Hospitalizations Rise

High Blood Pressure? Maybe Alzheimer's is at Bay

States Question Vioxx Refund Process

Surfing the Web for Drug Information and Prices is Growing

A Bad Recipe: Not Enough Flu Vaccine, Too Much Flu Predicted

Nursing Home Costs Hit $70,000 Per Year on Average;: Alaska Most Expensive, Louisiana Cheapest

Most Americans Can't Tell You What Long-Term Care Is

Abuse and Neglect May Afflict up to 10% of Our Elderly: Study

All Around America, Class Actions Galore After Vioxx Withdrawal

Canadians File Vioxx Class Action

Caring for a Growing Elderly Population Is a Worldwide Problem

FDA Discovers Seized 'Re-imported' Drugs Were in Fact Made Elsewhere

Vioxx Bites the Dust in Largest Drug Recall Ever

Life Without Vioxx -- What's a Patient to Do?

Experts Worry About Elderly Vote Fraud -- and Competency

Mental Health Takes Back Seat, This Time in Assisted Living

Killer Vitamins? Not All Vitamins Make You Healthy: Report

Lively Eating Atmosphere Brightens Lives of Alzheimer's Patients

General Mills Goes Healthy -- Commits to All Whole Grain Cereals

A Caregiver's 'Headache' -- Caffeine Withdrawal

September 2004 Articles:

Smile When Approaching an Alzheimer's Patient

Look, Listen, Watch: Effective Pain Management is Elusive but Essential

Who?s in the Next Bed?

Seniors Often Victimized: Protecting Our Elderly from the Junk Mail Jungle

Yes! You May Help

Starting Points for Rural Caregivers Seeking Help

Navigating the Financial Black Hole of Old Age: Living Longer and Digging a Deep Hole of Debt

Caregiving the Hard Way: Tackling the Challenges of Caregiving In Rural America

Smile When Approaching an Alzheimer's Patient

Up, Up and Away: Your Healthcare Costs Just Go Higher

Elderly Sticker Shock: Record Increase in Medicare Premiums

Middle-Age Drinking Can Lead to Alzheimer's Later: Report

Diabetic Women Face Huge Risk of Heart Disease

1.8 Million Older Americans to be Auto-Enrolled for Drug Card

Illinois Files Suit in Alleged Medicare Discount Card Scam

Rosa Parks: From Civil Rights Icon to Dementia Patient at 91

Flower Power: Hibiscus Can Cut Heart, Cholesterol Risk

Many Seniors Stop Taking Drugs When Benefits Are Drained

Statins Are Not Wonder Drugs, But Diabetics Reap a Myriad of Health Benefits

Medical Supply Companies Next in the Government Hot Seat

New Drug for Parkinson's Improves Movement

Nursing Home Chain Settles Arkansas Charges

Come on Now: Gambling Keeps the Elderly Healthy?

Elder-Care Can Be Given Over, But Caregiver Stress Remains

Treatment for Common Form of Elderly Blindness Passes Key FDA Hurdle

Speak Up – or Risk Losing the Basic Ability to Do So

'Good' Cholesterol Can Be Good for Stroke Prevention

Elderly Cautioned: Give Home Heating Service Scams The Cold Shoulder

Women Caregivers May be Rich at Heart, But Many Live in Poverty

Worried About Spouse's Health? Careful -- It Can Make You Ill

Cautionary Tale on Vioxx Regarding Heart Attacks

Elderly Risk Unwanted Weight Loss and Health Issues With Poor Dental Care

Hold on for This: A Jet-Powered Wheelchair? No Kidding!

August 2004 Articles:

Should Mom or Dad Live With You?: Inside Tips on What You Should Know Before You Make that Critical Decision

What Did You Say?: Caring for Your Loved One with Hearing Loss

Geriatric Care Managers: Your Guide Along the Journey of Caregiving

What On Earth Are You Eating?: Decoding the Strange Language of Food Labels

Long-Distance Love is a Costly Affair ? Caregiving from Afar

Boomers on Edge over Alzheimer's In Wake of Reagan 's Death

First Sedatives, Now Vitamin A, Causes Hip Fractures

Deadly Bacteria Strikes Elderly; Spreads in Canada

NYC versus Big Pharma, or Goliath versus Goliaths

'Calendar Girls' Bare it All in Name of Alzheimer's Research

Why Do Sleep Aids Cause More Hip Fractures in the Elderly?

Mexican-Americans at High Risk for Stroke; Urgent Action Needed

Inexpensive Drug Effective in Early Parkinson's

What is Going on? Elderly Often Prescribed Wrong Drugs

Treating Brain Lesions Early May Stop Alzheimer's Progress

When It Comes to Alzheimer's, Use It or Lose It ? Your Mind, That Is

Drug Cocktail Lowers Blood Sugar in Diabetes Patients

Online Doctor Directories Are Not the Best Medicine

Hospital Visits for Symptoms of Heart Failure on the Rise

New Test Scopes Out ADD in Elderly ? as Well as Kids

?Senior Sleuths' Combat Elderly Fraud

Medicare Pays for Health Clubs for Some Seniors

New Drug is Calming in the Storm of Dementia

Fake Mexican Drugs Invade US; Consumers Warned

'Good Guy, Bad Guy' Genes Play Distinct Roles

Study: Drug Cards Indeed Provide Expected 25% Discounts

Drug Maker Admits Claritin Kickbacks; HMO's Not Charged

Nigerian Scams Use TTY Lines, Loot US Medical Device Firms

Why Are Blacks & Hispanics Suffering More From Alzheimer's?

Revamped Medicare Coverage: Does it Really Deliver?

Easing Insomnia in Elderly Offers Rest for Caregivers Too

Reagan Speech Text on Stem Cell Research At Demo Convention

Breathe Easier Taking That Flight

July 2004 Articles:

Ten Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease

'How I Cope': If Only I Knew Then What I Know Now!

Caregiver Alert: Watch and Listen for the Warning Signs Of Suicide Among Our Elderly

For Caregivers and Their Elderly: Maintaining a Healthy Weight ? Avoiding Excessive Weight Gains or Losses With a Healthy Diet

Making Good Decisions: Anticipating Health?s Darker Days with Written Plans Makes Medical Decisions Clearer When Needed

Who Will Foot the Alzheimer's Bill for Baby Boomers?

Caregivers and Elderly Disagree on Quality of Life

Obesity Declared an 'Illness' ? Receives Medicare Coverage

Staving Off Alzheimer's in High-Risk Elderly

New Drug Goes to the 'Cause' of Alzheimer's

New York Sues Companion Care Service

Staggering Cost of Providing Homecare for Our Dying Elderly

Stem Cells Go to the Source Once Again, This Time Targeting Parkinson?s

Report: One-Third of Retirees to Lose Employer Drug Benefits

Niacin Proves Useful in Protecting Against Alzheimer?s

'Senior Moment' Promoter Settles Federal Charges

Pfizer Opens the Drug Chest to Low-Income Uninsured; Expands Existing Free Medicine Program

HHS Slashes Certain Medicare Drug Costs in Test Program

Medicare Drug Card Enrollment Nears 4 Million

Uninsured Older Adults More Likely to Die Early; Lack of Insurance is Third-Leading Cause of Death

Sudden Blood Pressure Drop Could Indicate Dementia Onset

Recognize Dementia and Change the World?
Yes, Say Researchers

California Launches First Paid Leave for Family Caregivers

Memories of Elderly Heat Deaths in 2003 Accent Current Planning

Elderly Sticker Shock: Drug Costs Rise at Triple Inflation Rate

Half of Depressed Elderly Also Show Signs of Dementia: Report

Veteran Star Trek Actor is Battling Alzheimer's Disease

June 2004 Articles:

10 Tips for Traveling Caregivers

Looking Into the Face of Our Future: How Caregiving for Our Parents Shapes Our Own Plans for and Views of Old Age

Don't Shelve That Summer Vacation!: How to Plan a Successful Vacation For Caregiver and Care Recipient

Summertime Pleasures -- and Dangers: Tips for Making the Outdoors Safer for Your Elderly

Having the Right Pet Can Help the Elderly ? And Ease a Caregiver?s Load

An Apple a Day . . . May Prevent Age-Related Blindness

Estrogen-Based Hormone Therapy May Increase Alzheimer's Risk

Many Elderly Abandon Cholesterol Drugs Due to High Costs

Stem Cell Implants Provide Hope For Better Parkinson's Treatment

Similar Toxic Proteins Found in Heart Disease and Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's, the 'All-American Disease,' Gets Huge Research Boost

Elderly Suicide Risk Increases with Certain Illnesses -- Report

Families Gain Relief as Medicare OK's Alzheimer's Test Coverage

Can Parkinson's Vaccine Tested on Mice Work in Humans?

Mornings Riskiest for Stroke; Patients Often Unaware of Danger

Caregiving Extracts Heavy Toll on Marriage and Career: Survey

Nursing Home Insurance Crunch

Low Staffing, High Turnover Blamed For Poor Nursing Home Care

Diabetics Taking Lipitor Also Reduce Heart Attacks, Strokes

Diabetic Men at Greater Risk for Developing Erectile Dysfunction

Investment, Real Estate Scams Target Seniors

Hospice Patients and Family Caregivers Talk of Hastening Death

Diabetes Strikes -- and Kills -- Seniors at a Surprising Rate

Elderly Blood Pressure Skyrockets; Needs Aggressive Treatment

Canada Spotlights Caregivers, Elderly with $2.5B Spending Plan

Elderly Frustration Marks Today's Launch of Medicare Drug Cards

Scam Artists Target Medicare Drug Cards

Cost of Drugs Most Used by Elderly Broadly Outstrips Inflation

Drug Giants Accused of Defrauding Medicaid in Texas

Automatic Medicare Drug Enrollment Urged

A Doctor?s Necktie Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

May 2004 Articles:

Transition Tips: Getting Loved Ones to Willingly Move to Assisted Living

Seven Steps to Sanity: How to Effectively Deal With Aging Parents Who Push Your Buttons

Caught Between Your Partner and Loved One: When Caregiving Interferes with Your Personal Relationship

Eating Your Way to a Good Night's Sleep

Family Caregiving for Depressed Elderly Carries Huge Pricetag

Hispanics Face Enormous Health Crisis from Alzheimer's Disease

Abbott Is Latest to Offer Seniors Large Discounts on Drug Costs

Medicare Boosts HMO Payments, Drawing Consumer Criticism

Medical, Rx Groups Resigned to Drug Re-importation

U.S. Demand for Drugs Would Overwhelm Canada, Study Warns

Seniors Sue Drug Companies; Seeking Cheaper Canadian Drugs

Retirees Vastly Underestimate Their Healthcare Costs

'Boot Camp' Training Helps Caregivers, Stroke Patients

Legalized Drug Re-importation Effect Would Be Small -- Report

Ritalin May Work to Control Effects of Parkinson?s

Major Employers Will Form Insurance Pool

New Advance In Diagnosing Alzheimer?s Through MRI

Class Action Suit Targets Drug Benefits Manager Caremark

Cure Common Colds? Studies Find No Benefit in Echinacea

Confusion, Clamor Surround Medicare Roll-Out

Medicare Website: Not the Entire Drug Confusion Story

Depression in Alzheimer's Spousal Caregivers Substantially Eased

Dental Stem Cells May Someday Be Used to Treat Parkinson's

Alzheimer's Drug May Aid Stroke Survivors with Dementia

Study Finds U.S. Healthcare Substandard

?What's Happening to Grandpa??

Signup Opens for Medicare Discount Cards

Researchers Find Genes Implicated in Early Alzheimer's Disease

Medco Settles Drug-Switching Suit: Company Will Pay $29 Million to Settle Charges Brought by 20 States

Popular Parkinson's Drug Possibly Linked to Heart Valve Problems

Rule Would Ban Use of Medical Records in Loan Decisions

Dental Costs for Elderly Far Exceed Average U.S. Out-of-Pocket Payments

April 2004 Articles:

Caregiver Respite: Recognizing and Realizing the Rest Every Caregiver Needs

Caregiving and the Only Child: You're Not Alone When You Muster Your Own "Team Approach" to Caregiving

Redefining Normalcy: Help for Grieving Caregivers Dealing With a Great Sense of Loss

'How I Cope': Under One Roof: the Caregiver?s Version of ?Tag! You?re It!?

Medicare Launches Chronic Care Initiative

New Drug May Slow Parkinson's Progress While Minimizing Side Effects

Reverse Mortgage Can Help with Long-Term Care

Smoking is Hazardous to Your (Mental) Health

Medicare Drug Discount Sign-Up Starts in May

Tenet Hospitals to Offer Discounts to All Uninsured Patients

Can Curry Help Ward Off Alzheimer's?

Men Account for 40% of Caregivers: Caregiving in the U.S. Becoming a Way of Life; More than 15% of Population is Caregiving

Older Women More at Risk for Stroke, Alzheimer's Than Men

Telephone-Based Support: Researchers to Examine New Ways to Aid Caregivers, Keep Elderly Out of Institutions

Life Expectancy for Alzheimer's Patients Half That of General Population After Diagnosis

Novartis Launches Drug "Giveaway"

Study Finds Statins Slow Alzheimer's Disease; Finns Find Anti-Inflammatory Cuts Plaque Deposits

Botox Cousin May Aid Parkinson?s Drooling

Study Ranks Best, Worst Cities for Nursing Home Care: Finds Great Disparity in Quality Nationwide

March 2004 Articles:

What Every Caregiver Should Know: Meeting the Challenge of Specific Nutrition Diets for Different Conditions in the Elderly

Demystifying Powers of Attorney: A Primer for Caregivers and Their Elderly Alike

"How I Cope": Adult Day Care is the Answer, But How to Arrive at the Answer!

Clothing Tailored for Conditions: Being Elderly and Ill is No Reason Not to Be Comfortable and Fashionable

Risk of Unintentional Weight Loss: Focus on Diet to Avoid Obesity Can Be Harmful to Elderly

Living the Long-Distance Caregiver Role: The Miles Can't Prevent Her from Being Close

Parkinson?s Afflicts More Men Than Women

Elderly Alzheimer?s Patient ?Lost? in Airport Transfer

Parkinson?s, Huntington?s, ALS Targeted: Major Research Efforts to Result in 11 New Drugs to Treat Movement Disorders in Next Five Years

Caregiver Tax Relief Proposed: Congressional & Volunteer Coalition Calls For Series of Benefits for Family Caregivers

FDA: Bolt Problem Could Cause Injury, Death: Patient Lift Used for Elderly Recalled Nationwide

HUD to Help Keep Elderly in Their Homes Longer By Educating Local Government on Ways to Help

Quick Test Can Aid in Alzheimer?s Diagnosis

Analysts: Drug Companies to Reap Financial Bonanza: Alzheimer?s Receives Major Research Focus; 14 New Treatments Likely to Be Introduced in Next 5 Years

Renowned Artists Combine to Fight Parkinson?s Disease with Music: ParkinSong

February 2004 Articles:

The Medicare Discount Drug Card: Will It Work For You?

Helpful Tips for Communicating With Your Loved One's Doctor

Coping on the Edges of Caregiving: How to Deal with Your Children Regarding Ill Grandparents

Caregiving and Elderly Dental Care: How Important Is It? How to Maintain It?

Family Caregivers Must Approve: Massachusetts Prepares Innovative Program to Keep Elderly Healthy and Home

Memantine in Drug Combination: Namenda, Donepezil Show Promise in More Effective Treatment of Moderate to Severe Alzheimer?s

Memantine Expanded Use?: U.S. Distributor Feels It has Found Expanded Use for Memantine Treating Earlier Stage Alzheimer?s

Can You Recognize Alzheimer's?: Study: Alzheimer?s Recognition, Facts Obscured

Women at Risk: Hormone Therapies May Increase Alzheimer?s Risk

Grace and Dignity in Growing Old: Wanting to Be an Elder, Not Just Elderly

Free Meds for Lowest Income Seniors: Drug Maker Merck Announces Plan to Offset Prescription Costs for the Elderly

Grieving Guidelines

Second Major Texas Wheelchair Scheme in Months: 11 Arrested in Multimillion-dollar Medicare Fraud

Prescription Drug Discounts: Lilly Announces Plan to Join Discount Offers

AARP Study: Older Caregivers? Burden Becoming Significant; Affects Boomers? Quality of Life

With Nearly One of Every 10 Alzheimer's Cases in US, Florida Cites Looming Crisis

No Sour Grapes Here: Elderly Spend Time at Their Assisted Living Facility Making Award-Winning Wine

Study Links Inflammatory Bowel Recurrences With Depression

Alzheimer's in Men: Testosterone Levels Could Predict Likelihood of the Disease

January 2004 Articles:

Can You Do it All?: Caring for Your Family and an Aging Loved One

Changes in Mom and Dad: New Year Rings in New Concerns for Caregivers

The Hospice Movement: Helping Families Deal With the End of Life

Caregiver's Helper: Coming Back to Crock Pots for Easy Nutrition

Choose Your Ingredients!: Mix and Match for a Healthful, Flavorful Winter Stew

Easy Recipes: A Collection of One-Pot Meals To Put Caregiver Minds at Ease

Gun Toting Seniors: Is Your Senior Packing a Firearm For Protection ... Or Worse?

Beverly Sells, Closes Assisted Living Facilities

Elderly More Likely to Admit Hearing Problems Than Thought

"Something Different": Post-Holiday Concern for Parents' Well-Being

Dementia-Related Roaming Study: Intense Searches Near Home Needed to Bring Happy Ending to Alzheimer's Patient Wandering

Skin Patch May Improve Medication Effectiveness for Parkinson's Patients

Possible Alzheimer's Predictor: Midlife Breakdown in Brain's Internal Wiring May Be a Key

When a Man Cares: Increasingly Men Are Taking Care Of Elderly Parents or Incapacitated Spouses

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