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Articles from 2005

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December 2005 Articles:

Medicare D's Potholes and Pitfalls: Strategies to Help Your Elderly Make the Right Decision Right Now

7 Tips for Bathing Your Elderly Loved One: Overcoming an Intimidating Task

Safeguarding Mom and Dad: Who's Preying on Our Parents?

Tips for Caregiver Self-Renewal

Managing Your Own Mental Health: Stress-Busting!

Do Flu Shots Really Help Seniors?

Researchers Link Cocaine Abuse to Later-Life Parkinson's Risk

One State's Alternative to Medicare Part D

Drinking Tea Associated With Lower Risk of Ovarian Cancer

With Heartburn, the Cure May be Worse than the Condition

Magnesium May Prevent Osteoporosis

States Drown in Medicare Part D Requests, Ask Quick Help

Finger-pointing Occurs as Medicare Drug Plan ID Cards Lag

Risks Great, Safeguards Lacking at Assisted Living Facilities: Report

Brain Scan, Fluid Analysis May Help Predict Alzheimer's

Healing Diabetic Foot Ulcers with Retin-A

Free Medicine Direct Isn't 'Free' -- Settles Florida Suit

Health Risks Mount for Aging Boomers; Blood Pressure, Obesity Top List

Home Monitoring Very Effective in Controlling Blood Pressure

Searching for 'Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval' on Medicare Part D

Prostate Surgery: How Old is Too Old?

States Overpay for Drugs in Medicaid Program; Congress Calls for Reform

Arizona Says Drug Firms Inflate Prices, Cheat Taxpayers; Files Suit

Congress Ponders Whether to Extend Medicare Part D Signup Period

Government Has Hard Time Even Giving Away Funds to Join Part D

World Obesity Problem Literally Bottoms Out

Drinking Tea May Help Your Heart

4 Tips for Keeping Elderly Safe from Holiday Financial Scams

Here's a Twist: Airplanes Safer than Hospitals -- Report

November 2005 Articles:

Spousal Caregiving Can Lead to Gum Disease

Insurers Push Pill Splitting to Save Money

Pain Masked by Dementia May Be Eased With Tylenol

Study: Most Women Don't Need Hormones for Menopause

When Is an Eye Doctor Not a Doctor?

Beverly, Owner of Nearly 350 Nursing Homes, Sold After Tussle

Medicare Part D: 10 Steps to Successfully Navigating the New Drug Plan

Eldercare Costs Keep Racing Skyward

Coping With Sundowning: The Most Dreaded Hours in Dementia Caregiving

Taking Time Off: How to Use FMLA and Other Government Programs for Employment Leave

Foot Finesse: Getting to the Bottom of Foot Disease in the Elderly

Those Risking Heart Disease Ignore Simplest Ounce of Prevention

Who Has the Edge in Signing More Seniors to Medicare Part D?

Medical Research: Is It Any More Reliable Than Flipping a Coin?

Report: Hospital Sloppiness Costing Taxpayers Billions

Lawsuit: New Medicare Program 'Calamity' for Poorest Americans

Beta Blockers Prove Helpful for Women Heart Patients

Witching Hour for Feds, Employers, Retirees on Medicare Part D

Like the Flu, Vaccine Shortages Return

Caregivers Are Critical Link in Elderly Colon Cancer Treatment: Study

Coffee Not Linked to Hypertension, But Cola May Be a Different Story

Clogged Leg Arteries Helped by Micro-Sized Razor Therapy

U.S. Healthcare Most Expensive -- and Most Error Prone

Presidential Proclamation Kicks Off Caregivers Month

In Old Age, Good Sleep Is Hard to Find -- Especially for Worried Caregivers

Red Wine Seems to Attack the Spread of Plaques in Alzheimer's Disease

NY Doctor Has Success in Reducing Parkinson's Tremors

Seniors Defrauded; Pennsylvania Sues Hearing Aid Dealers

Consumers Could Have Saved $20 Billion in 2004 With Generic Drugs: Study

Osteoporosis Found in Older Men with Parkinson's

Poor Diet + No Exercise = Diabetes

Canadian Scam Sold Phony Bonds to U.S. Seniors

Drug Giants Plan to Develop Blood Clotting Drug

Coming Next: Wireless Healthcare on Your Cell Phone

October 2005 Articles:

Boon or Boondoggle?: Unraveling Medicare Part D

How Will We Cope?: Not Enough Caregivers, Too Many Elderly

Oh, My Aching Head!: Dealing With Those Stress-Related Caregiver Headaches

Reverse Mortgages Just Got Better for Some Elderly

Cataracts and Caregivers: 8 Points You Should Know

Rampant Fraud Feared as Medicare Drug Benefit Ramps Up

Are Common Dementia Drugs Actually Death Risks?

FDA: Plenty of Flu Vaccine This Year

FDA Panel: Expensive Hand Washes Are a Waste of Money

Grow Daffodils and Help Defeat Dementia?

Errors Common in Cancer Diagnosis

High Risk Medicare Beneficiaries Lose Valuable Government Payments

Midlife Obesity Linked to Dementia

Eating Fish Associated With Slower Cognitive Decline

Football May Have Jarring Impact on Future Dementia Chances

Katrina's Wake Carries 19 Healthcare Facilities into Care Probe

In a Surprise, Flu Vaccine Found Not Highly Effective in Elderly

Green Tea Element Reduces Alzheimer's Risk in Mice

Without 'Right' Insurance, Critical Care Might Wait and Wait

Does Doctor's Office Staff Give You the Cold Shoulder?

Postage Stamp Urged for Alzheimer's Awareness, Research Funds

Medicare Drug Program Mail Blitz Under Way

Unexplained Weight Loss May Predict Alzheimer's

Healthy Diet Cuts Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Did Drug Giant Mislead Women and Seniors About Lipitor?

Japan Copes With Crisis in Dementia Wandering Cases

Make Way for CareBots -- the Newest Caregiver?

September 2005 Articles:

Mom or Dad Never Needed You More: Nursing Home 101: How to Be an Effective Advocate

Soothing Senior Souls: The Medicinal Magic of Music on Our Elderly

Are You Flexible?: Entering and Exiting the Role of Caregiver

Keeping Mom's Financial House in Order

Is It 'Money for Nothing'?: When Caregiving Interferes with Your Retirement Planning

Government Selects Providers for New Medicare Drug Program

Medicare Premiums to Rise 13%, Deductibles Up 12.7%

So Vulnerable, So Sad: Elderly Die Fleeing Hurricane Rita

Disaster Preparedness Tips from Alzheimer's Association

GlaxoSmithKline Settles Medicare Fraud Charges for $150 Million

The New Elder-Caregiving Set -- More Than a Million Children Ages 8-18

In Katrina's Wake: 34 Nursing Home Deaths and Homicide Charges

Not a Good Week for Nursing Homes: Calif Clamps Down on Violations

While Health Insurance Costs Are No Bargain, Pace of Rate Hikes Slows

All Dementia Care Is Intensive and Costly, But Which Variation Is Most Costly?

Move Over 'American Idol,' Here Comes 'Senior Idol' Competition

RX for Needy Seniors

Insurers Prepare Marketing Assault on Sweeping Medicare Drug Plan

Amidst Controversy, Insulin Inhaler Could Change Life for Diabetics

Positive Thinking Can Result in Positive Pain Control

Caregivers Have a Better Tool to Deal with Migraines

Elderly, Poor Win Medicaid Reprieve in Katrina's Wake. Will it Last?

Walgreens Focuses on Drug Services for Assisted Living Market

Daydreaming Today May Lead to Alzheimer's Tomorrow

Number of Uninsured Americans Grows to 16% of Population

New Medicare Drug Plan Gaining Elderly Favor Despite Confusion

Warning for Seniors and Caregivers on Medicare Scams

Statins Are Effective After Heart Attack as Well as Before

At-Risk Elderly Tabbed to Receive Priority on Flu Vaccine

August 2005 Articles:

Long-Term Aspirin Use: Does It Help or Hinder? Answer: Both!

Here's a Surprise: Elderly Are Actually Good Heart Bypass Candidates

Initial Vioxx Trial Loss May Have Merck on the Run

Your Caregiving Doesn't Stop with Aid from Outside Sources

California Accuses Drug Companies of Medi-Cal Pricing Fraud

How 'Mad' King George III's Illness Led to American Revolution

The Reluctant Caregiver: Following an Increasingly Common Path, for 'Better or Worse'

Protecting Your Elderly: Medication Alert -- Mistakes Are More Common Than You Think

7 Tips for Living Together: What to Do When Mom Moves In

How I Cope: A Tough Caregiver Lesson on Long-Term Care Insurance

Compulsive Hoarding: Caregiving in a Sea of Clutter: When Nothing is Thrown Out

Do Older Adults Get Adequate Healthcare? No, Says This Study

Patients Lack Knowledge of Their Own Conditions, Care Needs

Daytime Heart Attacks Receive Best Care with Better Chance for Survival

Texas Jury Convicts Merck in Vioxx Death; Many More Trials Ahead

Drinking and the Elderly: a Dangerous Mix

Prescription Drug Prices, Like Gasoline, Go Higher and Higher: AARP

Non-Profit Long-Term Care Facilities Outrank For-Profit Centers

Roll Up the Sleeve: Flu Shots for All Nursing Home Residents Likely

Lifestyle, Diet May Stop or Reverse Prostate Cancer Progression

Certain Parkinson's Drugs Cause Sudden Sleep Attacks

Drug Giant Pfizer Revamps Consumer Drug Advertising

"Superman's" Caregiving Widow Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

Trend: Nursing Homes Shrink While Assisted Living, Homecare Thrive

Older Americans Hit Hard by Consumer Fraud, ID Theft

Medicare to Cover Clot-Busting Stroke Drug tPA for First Time

Alzheimer's Disease Reveals Itself Earlier in Life, Study Finds

Guidant To Resume Implantable Defibrillator Sales

Founder of the Modern Hospice Movement Dies

How to Beat the Heat: Lifesaving Tips

The Best Two-Second Stress Buster for You and Your Loved One: A Smile

New Way to Prevent Hip Fractures

Drug Aids Vision of the Elderly

New Group to Address Growing Professional Caregiver Shortage

July 2005 Articles:

An All-too-Common Occurrence:: Violence in Nursing Homes is Spreading

Caregiver's Dilemma: Coping with Incontinence

Not Two Peas in a Pod: The Key Differences Between Medicare and Medicaid

Parkinson's Drugs Linked to Gambling, Sex Addictions

Relocation or Dislocation?: Think Long & Hard Before Moving to Care for Mom

Don't Put Up with Poor Sleep Just Because You're Aging

Still Awake? Going Back to School Could Improve Your Sleep

Alzheimer's Hope? Researchers Reverse Memory Loss in Mice

Being Smart Won't Guarantee a Happy Old Age

Recently Diagnosed with Parkinson's? Help is on the Way

Your Fingernails Hold the Key to Bone Disease

Tips -- for Men and Women -- on Keeping Bones Healthy

Elderly Informed About Hospice More Likely to Accept It

High Hopes for Statins and Alzheimer's Fall Flat -- So Far

Financial Advisors Charged With Embezzling $1.1 Million From Seniors

Coronary Bypass Nearly 2x Expensive in US vs. Canada; Results Same

Older Pacemakers Just as Good as Newer Ones

Medicare Recognizes Adult Day Care; Plans Test in 2006

Caregiver Beware: Not All Assisted Living is Worthy of Consideration

Pineapple Wards Off Cancer? It Looks That Way

Parkinson's Patients Sue to Get Nerve Stimulating Drug Back

Report: Obesity Helps With Heart Surgery. Can it Be?

Gore-Tex is a Carcinogen? Check Your Raincoat

Green Tea as Cancer Antidote? Evidence Weak as Tea Itself

Smoking is Expensive Habit -- Personally and Professionally

Elderly Insomnia: 'Clear and Present Danger for Depression'

CVS Website Caught Napping as Customer Data Revealed

June 2005 Articles:

Can We Talk?: What to Ask Your Loved One's Pharmacist -- 10 Tips to Get You Started

A Roll of the Dice: Guarding Our Elderly Against Problem Gambling

"Don't Step on Your Father": A Lesson in Zen from My Mother ... and Alzheimer's

Canine Caregivers: Four-Legged Companions Can Change Elder-Caregiving

Has Your Well Run Dry?: Be a Better Caregiver by Caring for Yourself

Dementia's Global Toll is Financially Breathtaking

Is Consumer Drug Advertising Dangerous? AMA to Study

Maintain Your Brain with Active Social Life -- and Vegetable Juice

Guidant Takes Fire for Faulty Implantable Defibrillators

Provocative Study of Twins Cites Gum Disease in Alzheimer's Risk

Weight Loss is NOT a Normal Part of Aging

Exercise Improves Sex For Men With Chronic Heart Failure

Drinking and Vitamins Do Mix When It Comes to Colon Cancer Risk in Women

Diabetes Hospitalizations are Down, New Meds Get the Credit

Seniors with Limited Incomes Should Apply for Medicare's Extra Help

Dealing with the Obvious: Once Again Support Helps

Can Red Pepper Lonzenges Prevent Pneumonia in Elderly?

Less Radiation Can be More Effective Rx for Bone Cancer Pain

Michigan Finds Hundreds of Criminals Working in Nursing Homes

MS Drug Tysabri is Back on Track, But Not the 'Fast Track'

Study Suggests Pain Reliever, Breast Cancer Link

Sleeping Through the Night is Our Latest Worry

Many Family Doctors Can't Find Time to Provide Adequate Care

Promise for Vaccine Against Painful Shingles

Early Symptoms of Alzheimer's More Prevalent in Hispanics

May 2005 Articles:

It's a Caregiver's Right: Understanding the Do's and Don'ts of Nursing Home Visits

News or Noise?: Cutting to the Chase on 'Medical Breakthroughs'

Taking Care of Yourself: Attacking Caregiver Stress by Overhauling Your Diet

Peace of Mind Too!: Cell Phones Offer Mobility, Availability for Caregiver and Elderly Alike

Summer Vacations Are a 'Must' for Caregiver Well-Being

Caregiving Alert: The Cost is Rising

Viagra Linked to Blindness

Washington Gets Ready for White House Conference on Aging

Company Withheld News of Flaw in Defibrillator

Pinch of Salt - And That's It!

Do You Feel Cancer Is Everywhere? Now Facts Support It

Prescriptions Better Than OTC Drugs for Acid Reflux

Lower-Cost Drugs Can Help Heart Patients

Alzheimer's Vaccine Back on Track in Sweden's Research Labs

Daily Acetominophen Can Harm Lungs

Trim My Social Security Benefits to Help Poor? No, Says Middle Class

Vioxx Cases Begin March to Courtroom; First in Alabama

Big News for Silent Killer: Ovarian Cancer

Illinois Creates Elder Abuse Squad

FDA Seizes Hospital Beds After Seven Deaths

Minority Women Get Little Cancer Support

Cover the Uninsured Week: 45 Million Uninsureds and Counting

First ‘Neuroprotectant’ to Ward off Stroke Damage Is Promising

Oklahoma Nursing Home Shocks Inspectors

The Latest Medical Fad: Memory Scans

End Stage Cancer Pain Education Helps All Involved

Medicare Pays Ultrasound in Unhealed Fractures

Respiratory Risk — Elderly and RSV

CDC Joins 100,000 Lives Campaign

New Class of Diabetes Drug Launches — Lizard Saliva Optional

April 2005 Articles:

Nursing Home Patients Sicker Than a Decade Ago

What's a Caregiver to Do?: Sorting Through the Meds Maze in the Wake of Risky Drugs

Integrated Exercise: How a Workout Routine Benefits Caregiver and Loved One Alike

Consumer Warnings Often Backfire with Seniors

Caregiver Journaling: Find Long-Lasting Self-Help at Your Fingertips

Orphaned Adults: Healing Our Heart When Our Parents Die

Clinical Trial Will Launch for Alzheimer's

Hospital Danger: First Killer Neckties and Now Deadly Keyboards

Medicaid Not Too Keen on Middle-Class 'Spend Down'

Money Breeds Content — at Least if You're Disabled

That Special B Vitamin May not Vitalize at All

Over-the-Counter Ibuprofen Could Help Keep Parkinson's at Bay

Insomnia and Dangerous Falls — A Link to Sleep On

New Diabetes Treatment Approved

Use of Anti-Psychotics Caused Premature Death, Says FDA

Prescription Drug Prices Going Up, Up and Away

Hope Fades for Cancer's 'Magic Bullet'

Bad Week for Pfizer: FDA Pulls Plug on Bextra, Warns on Celebrex

Pump Up the Aerobics to Fight Depression, Heart Disease

Federal Government Wants More Smoke Detectors in Nursing Homes

Medicare Launches Hospital Comparison Site

States Take Aim at Hospital Infections

Men's Call to Action: Watch the Waistline!

Highlight on Vitamins: Do They Help or Hurt?

Anti-Stroke Drug Plavix May Cause too Many Ulcers

Reminyl Caused Deaths in Recent Study but Still Shows Cause for Hope Among Caregivers

March 2005 Articles:

Aging in Place: How Reverse Mortgages Help Elderly Stay in Their Home

A Caregivers Guide to Taxes

Nutrition through a Needle or Tube: Lifesaving Challenges of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

A Caregiver's Dilemma: Answering Life's Hardest Questions

Recognizing and Avoiding Caregiver Depression

Obvious but Overlooked: Caregivers Need Support at Time of Diagnosis

Early Depression in Men Can Affect Later Alzheimer's

Growing Old is No Fairy Tale

New Diabetes Treatment Approved

Medicare Mix-up Causes States to Reexamine their Bottom Line

FDA Seeks More Regulatory Authority

Cost Too Often Hampers Dental Care for Seniors

Obesity Could Shorten Lifespan for Americans

Lung Cancer Drug Reports Modest Gains

Avonex, an MS drug, Causes Liver Damage

Aspirin a Day Less Helpful for Women Avoiding Heart Attacks

Report: Older Women Tolerate Chemo Quite Well

Marital Bliss Helps Heal Wounds

Merck's New Painkiller Appears to Have Fewer Side-Effects

MS Drug Tysabri Pulled After Death

Government Data Says Men are Catching Up?

No Brainer: Nations to Quit Smoking

Stem Cells to Be Used in Brazil

Seeing the Future with Parkinson's Glasses

Elderly Injuries Rise Dramatically

A Woman's Best Friend Can Keep Her Alive

Government Committee on Pain Killers ? Tainted

Medication Alert: Quetiapine Not So Quieting in Nursing Homes

Right to Die Never Comes Easily

February 2005 Articles:

Law Enforcement's Newest Beat? Our Elderly: Police and Community Groups Team Up to Protect Seniors from Crime

Keeping Love Alive: Fanning the Flame Called Love While Caring for a Spouse

Caring from Afar: Six Surefire Strategies to Survive Long-Distance Caregiving

Caregiver 'Medicine' Comes in a Belly Laugh

Coffee Lovers Halve Their Risk of Liver Cancer

Caregiver Alert: Check for Deadly Aortic Aneurysm in ex-Smokers

Flu Controversy Is Nothing to Sneeze At

Common Memory Boosters -- Try 'Em!

Nothing Fishy About This News: Fish Lowers Stroke Risk

Far Too Often, Caregiver Spouses Simply 'Lose It'

New Study Finds 'Broken Heart' Syndrome is All Too Real

Is Hospice a Cost Savings Option?

Freedom from Pain and Peace with God are Major Themes for Patients

Meditation Beats out Meds in Lowering Blood Pressure

Clean Gums Lead to Less Heart Risk

Celebrex Shocker: They Knew

Possible Alzheimer's Diagnostic Test on the Horizon

Stunning Reality on Medical Bills

Diabetes' Cancer Link Seen in Large-Scale Korean Study

Assisted Living Revisited: Can't Afford It, Don't Want It

Study: Medicare Enrollment Delays Are Costly to Elderly

Avoidable Nursing Home Deaths are 'Silent Scandal'

Survey Hits Hot Topics for People Over 50

Viagra, Originally Meant for Impotence, Can Help Heart Function

Prospective Memory More Likely Diminished in Genetic Alzheimer's

Moderate Alcohol Might Be OK for Some Women

Fatal Rx Errors More Common Early in the Month

January 2005 Articles:

Law Enforcement's Newest Beat -- Our Elderly: A Very Different Kind of Policing Helps Keep Alzheimer's Patients Safe

The Most Expensive Medicare Decision ? Ever

Tricks of the Trade: Keeping Caregiver Stress at Bay

Cancer Passes Heart Disease as Top Killer

Never Too Late to Learn: Caregiver Training Programs Are a Valuable Resource

Caregiver Peace of Mind: How Personal Emergency Response Systems Can Protect Loved Ones

Parkinson's Gene Breakthrough

FDA to Merck: No OTC Status for Statin

Caregiver Grief: Understanding the Myriad of Emotions Triggered by End-of-Life Decisions

Grapefruit Juice Boosts Medication Effects -- Watch Out

Would You Believe: Toad Outsmarts Medicare Reps?

Eye on Dementia: Watch Out for Weight Loss

Crestor Flap Proves No End in Sight for Drug Concerns

Please Refrain from Red Meat, Says Cancer Study

New and Improved Medicare on its Way

Disappointed Defibrillator Giants Not Quite Ready for Medicare

Medicare to Pay for Some Flu Drugs

Stem Cells Show Hopeful Signs in Treating Parkinson's

Texas Report: Nurses Convicted of Sex, Drug Offenses in Our Midst

Exactly What Drugs Will Be Covered by Medicare?

Controlling our Demise ? Fact or Fiction?

Study: Benefits of Diuretics Outweigh Risks

Brain Surface Stimulation May Help Treat Parkinson's

Medicare is Ready to Help You Quit Smoking!

Loss of Smell Linked to Early Alzheimer?s

Some Nursing Homes Lack Basic Care

Ladies Golf Pioneer Patty Berg Has Alzheimer's

Consumers Confident About Drugs, FDA Despite Dizzying Data

Spice it Up: Curry Spice Turmeric Holds Promise for Alzheimer's

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