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Articles from 2006

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December 2006 Articles:

Biggest Caregiver Issue: Getting Help from Other Family Members

Red Meat May Double Risk of Breast Cancer

FDA Wants Stronger Warnings on OTC Pain Relievers

Mental Exercise May Help Seniors Think Better, Longer

Long-Term Care Horror: Woman Infested with Maggots

Vitamin D May Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

States Chip in with Caregiver Compensation Programs: Plugging the Elder Care Dollar Drain

Defending Against Nation's No. 3 Killer: How to Cut Stroke Risk by 80%

Six Steps to Sanity: Time Management Tips for Caregivers

Mom's Smile Is So Sweet . . . How Can Her Breath Be So Bad?

Dramatic Drop in Breast Cancer Cases -- But Why?

Mothers Overwhelmingly Choose Daughters as Caregivers

Pacemakers May Be Better than Beta Blockers for Some Heart Patients

Many at Risk for Flu Forego Shots

Study Links High-Protein Diet to Cancer

Hospital Statistics Not a Good Guide to Quality of Care

Medicare Drug Plan Costs Rise; Private Assistance May Fill Gap

Annual Scans, Aggressive Care Can Slash Lung Cancer Deaths: Study

Holidays May Bring Out Depression in Seniors

Phone-Based Care Program Reduces Risk of Death in Older Adults

Elderly Stay Healthier Longer; Nursing Homes Post Vacancy Signs

12 Ideas for Healthy Holiday Gifts

Will Aspirin and Advil Help Prevent Cancer?

Breast Cancer Study Proves Importance of Second Opinions

Octogenarians Not Too Old for Cancer Surgery: Researchers

Elderly at Risk for Complications, Death from Weight-Loss Surgery

Rote Learning Improves Memory in Seniors

Did CNA Save Patient's Life, Only to be Fired?

November 2006 Articles:

Plugging the Elder Care Dollar Drain: Using 'Caregiver Contracts' As Family Compensation

Surviving into the New Year: How to Handle Holiday Stress

Holding Hopes & Dreams: Critical Ingredients in Lives of Caregivers and Loved Ones

A Doctor's Tips: Keeping Seniors Safe from Winter Falls

Kids Caught in Caregiving's Shuffle:

National Battle Plan Needed to Check Alzheimer's Avalanche: Forum

Pharmacy Care Program Helps Elderly Take All Their Meds

Hospitals Vow to Improve Heart Attack Response Time

Elderly Alert: Scammers Exploit Medicare Open Enrollment

Holiday Gluttony Can Spell Disaster for Undiagnosed Diabetics

What's Your Caregiving Worth? Try $306 Billion in the US

Counseling Caregivers Helps Alzheimer's Patients Stay Home Longer

Gentle Massage Intrigues Dementia Researchers; May Calm Anxieties

More than Needle Biopsy Needed to Rule Out Some Breast Cancers

CDC Slow to Act on Hospital Infections, Critic Charges

Caregiving Respite Comes in the Form of a Robot

Assisted Living Rate Increases Slow After Big 2005 Jump

Elderly Women Receive Short Shrift in Breast Cancer Treatment

Smile and Laugh Away Your Caregiving Stress: Study

Boomer Caregivers' Financial Nightmare is Younger Gen's Opportunity

Beta-Blocker Eye Drops Can Cause Serious Reactions; Elderly Cautioned

How Much Influence Do Medical Publications Have on Your Doctor?

'Grandparents Scam' Exposed; Con Artists Pose As Grandkids in Trouble

Medicare Drug Donut Hole Widens; 13 States Offer No Extra Coverage

CMS Cuts Doctor Payments, Ups Home Health, Hospital Rates

Depression Bigger Problem for Men than Women

Link Identified Between Age, Cardiovascular Disease

Falls in Elderly Men May be Caused by Low Sex Hormone Levels

October 2006 Articles:

Oldest and Sickest at Risk as Medicare Juggles Drug Rules

Health Care Costs Out of Control: Survey

New Gene Linked to Predicting Age-Related Vision Loss

Chinese Plant is Focus of Alzheimer's Treatment Research

Vegetables May Slow Memory Loss

Religious Elderly Have More Quality of Life than Non-Religious Peers

Peripheral Artery Disease: The Most Dangerous Little-Known Disease

Plugging the Eldercare Dollar Drain: How Long-Term Care Policies Can Benefit Family Caregivers

Can Dad Still Vote?: A Look at Elderly Rights Involving Competency

Keeping Everyone Up-to-Date: New Tools Help Caregivers Update Friends and Family

'Drug Discount Card' Promoter Settles Charges It Misled Seniors

'Huge' Link Found Between Alzheimer's and Lou Gehrig's Diseases

Your Hospital Choice May Determine Life or Death: Study

Marijuana Might Slow the Advance of Alzheimer's Disease

Aspirin May Prevent or Delay Enlarged Prostate in Older Men

Doctors Agree: Drug Company Freebies Have Impact

For Elderly Scam Victim, Sympathy, Advice but No Action

Nursing Home Operators Indicted on Fraud Charges

Southern California Scam Took Homes from Elderly, Infirm

US Ill-Prepared to Deal with Inevitable Elder-Caregiving Crisis: Report

Three Popular Drugs Get Failing Marks for Alzheimer's Treatment

Report: Shopping Around Beats Medicare Drug Prices

Millions of Health Records at Risk in Leaky Medicare Computer Network

New Flu Fighting Weapon Stops Infection in Earliest Stage

This May Sounds Nuts, But Food Can Be Addictive

Alert: Counterfeit Diabetes Test Strips Sold in US

How Much Caffeine is in That Cup Of Decaf?

Confusion Likely as New Medicare Plans Are Unveiled for 2007

Canadian Drug Crackdown Ends to Seniors' Relief

Survey: Seniors Look to Generics When Reaching Drug Plan 'Donut Hole'

Seniors Have 7 Times Greater Risk of Dangerous Drug Mistakes

Watching Out for Dad -- Why Older Men Don't Seek Depression Help

Study Questions Benefits of Flu Shots for Elderly

Wal-Mart to Expand $4 Generic Drug Discount Pricing Nationwide

Nursing Home Operators Indicted on Fraud Charges

Not a Pretty Picture: Elder-Caregiving in America

Repayment of Erroneous Medicare Premium Refunds Hits Snag

Hospital and Health Insurance Costs Skyrocket

Bath Falls Common Among Elderly; Often Can be Prevented

Study: Exercise May Help Pulmonary Hypertension Patients

Study Finds Many Doctors Don't Clearly Communicate with Patients

September 2006 Articles:

Scammers Peddling Fake Group Health Insurance

Are $4 Prescriptions Coming to a Pharmacy Near You? Majors Think So

Seniors Bemoan 'Donut Day' as Medicare Drug Coverage Stops for Millions

Who Gets a Heart Transplant? Criteria Expanded to Cover the Elderly

'Superbug' Outside Hospitals Poses Risk to Professional Caregivers

Raise Glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and Ward Off Alzheimer's?

CDC: Plenty of Flu Vaccine This Year

7 Signs of Elderly Dependence: When Leaving Dad Home Alone Might Not Be a Good Idea

Combining Mind and Body Needs: Geriatric Team Approach Treats the 'Whole Person'

When 'In the Mood' Refers to Food: Avoiding a Food Fight with Your Loved One

I Can't Do Anything Right!: Righting Siblings and Other Family to Steady Your Caregiving Boat

Balancing Caregiving's 'Toll Booth': 5 Tips for Cutting the Cost of Caring for Elderly Parents

Identity Theft Issue Gaining Traction with Older Voters

Vitamin D May Protect Against Some Cancers

Higher Medicare Premiums for Higher-Income Seniors

For Sale: Your Health Care Records

Medicare Drug Program Opens Greater Access to Cancer Treatment

Senate Probe Finds Broad Abuse of Uninsured by Non-Profit Hospitals

Long-Term Lead Exposure Linked to Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

Forgetful? You May Be Losing More Than Just Your Memory

Elderly Alert: Segway Recalls 23,500 Personal Transporters

Have Scientists Found Natural Self-Defense Mechanism for Alzheimer's?

Cancer Deaths Continue to Decline; New Cancer Cases Remain Steady

Sleep Walking and Talking May Predict Dementia Likelihood

Medical Record Privacy Is Often Compromised: Report

Consumers Often Overdose on Prescription Eye Drops

Projected Cost of Strokes in US Tops $2 Trillion

Pennsylvania Sues Hearing Aid Firm for Elder Abuse Settles Arkansas Suit

Fruit Juice May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk

Study: U.S. Health Care is Expensive, Still a Good Value

Depressed Seniors Turn to Alternative Therapies; Prayer #1 Choice

Study Finds Vegetables Prevent Artery Hardening

Cure for Reading Glasses May be in View

What's in a Name? One Celebrity Hopes It's Better Health Care

Researchers Find Better Blood Test for Prostate Cancer

Florida Sues Water Extraction Company for Deceiving Seniors

August 2006 Articles:

Little Evidence to Show Wandering Prevention Works in Dementia

Study: Never Too Late to Exercise

That Cup of Coffee May Trigger a Heart Attack

Statins Shown to Reduce Risk of Second Stroke

Pressure Mounts to Control Salt as 'Silent Killer;' Experts Want Action

Will It Be 'Game Over' for Alzheimer's? PS3 Recruited for Research

Falls, Flames and Food: Avoiding Trouble in Mom's Kitchen

10 Tips for 'Renegotiating' Spousal Contracts: Keeping Love Alive When Partners Become Patients

Answers to Common Questions: Bathing Your Loved One -- One Way or Another

Grandpa Donated His Body

Parish Nurses:

Oregon Hearing Aid Fitters Settle State Charges

Medicare Drug Program Premiums to Hold Steady Next Year

Bush Signs New Pension Bill with Tighter Company Requirements

Financial Competency Test for Dementia Patients Unveiled

Hayfever Linked to Development of Parkinson's Disease

GSK Settles Cancer Drug Pricing Charges for $40+ Million

Relax . . . And Slow the Aging Process

What's Your Dementia 'Risk Score'?

Fund-Raisers Use Scare Tactics to Shake Down America's Elderly

Seniors Shouldn't Fear Exercise, Study Finds

Attorney Gets Long Prison Term for Stealing $300,000 from Elderly Client

Exercising into Old Age May Prevent Dementia-Like Illnesses

Children Are Great 'Medicine' for Grandma's Health

Elderly Fear Alzheimer's More Than Cancer

Heat Waves Most Deadly in Areas Without Businesses to Draw Out Elderly

Family Caregivers of Stroke Patients Get Little Information, Support

Seniors Swimming in Debt, Stuck in 'Plastic' Prison

Light to Moderate Drinking Cuts Risk of Elderly Cardiac Events, Death

An Apple a Day May Improve Memory

Another Double-Digit Medicare Hike? Rates May Reach $100 Monthly

Amid Urgency to Find Cure, Alzheimer's Drug Pipeline Suddenly Loaded

Diabetes Drug May Help Treat Alzheimer's

Elderly Investment Fraud Increases as Our Population Ages

Hot Summer Nights Raise Elderly Blood Pressure Risks

Researchers Find On/Off Switch for Chronic Pain

July 2006 Articles:

Electronic Gizmos and Even Paper: Personal Health Records Benefit Everyone

The Sneezin' Season: Coping with Your Loved One's Seasonal Allergies

A Dozen Caregiver Tips: Senior-Proofing Your Home

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Clustered Strongly in Families: Study

Are Laxatives and the Elderly

New Hope for Alzheimer's: Therapies, Vaccines Previewed in Madrid

Medication Errors Hit 1.5 Million Americans Annually

Women Smokers Have Higher Lung Cancer Risk

Anti-Crime Group Alarmed at Scams Targeting Seniors

Researchers Believe Apathy is a Basic Component of Parkinson's

Are 'Food Phones' a Marketer's Fantasy or Boon to Busy Caregivers?

Employers Lose a Whopping $33.6 Billion a Year to Caregiving Disruptions

Medicare Help Lines Not Best Source for Correct Information

Want to Stay Healthy in Old Age? Stay Active: Study

Eating Fish Often and Not Smoking May Help Seniors' Vision

Weight Gain Ups Breast Cancer Risk in Postmenopausal Women

Dolls, Teddy Bears Enlisted to Help Fight Alzheimer's Effects

Researchers Move Closer to Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

Commonly Prescribed Inhalers Double Death Rate in COPD Patients

Lucentis Green-Lighted as Age-Related Vision Loss Drug

Common Pain Reliever May Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk

Constipation Plays a Role in Nursing Home Violence: Study

Can Air Conditioning Make You Fat?

Drug Firms Maneuver to Compete with Generics; Merck's Zocor Latest

Coffee Intake Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk

Exelon Role Expanded to Treat Parkinson's Disease Dementia

Severe Hot Flashes Linked to Chronic Insomnia

Vioxx Study Authors Backtrack on Claim

Waiting to See a Doctor Gets Longer and Longer

June 2006 Articles:

Caregiver Checklist: Helping Seniors Weather the Storm

Managing Caregiver Guilt: 8 Steps for Guilt to Serve You, Not Imprison You

No More Yelling in the Ear: How to Communicate with a Hard-of-Hearing Loved One

Survival Skills for Caregiver Boot Camp: Top 10 Tips

When Is a Coma Not a Coma? Ask Hollywood

Surprise! Drug Prices Rise Sharply Under Medicare Part D

New Hope for Migraines: Device Zaps Away Pain

New Drug, New Hope for Arthritis Sufferers

FDA Approves Generic Form of Cholesterol-Buster Zocor

New Test Detects Prostate Cancer Spread Earlier

Physician, Heal Thy Handwriting

AMA Wants Moratorium on Consumer Ads for New Drugs

Diabetes Risk May Be Predictable with Quick, Accurate Blood Test

Senior Alert: Bogus Long-Term Care Scheme Shut Down

Pesticide Use Increases Risk of Parkinson's in Men

Like Fine Wine, We All Mellow with Age -- Study

Big Savings Available As Major Drugs Go Generic

Old Tech Helps Find New Test for Leg Artery Disease PAD

Quality of Diet May be Linked to Age-Related Vision Loss

Where You Shop, Not Live, May Affect Weight Most

Watch Blood Fat Levels to Predict Rheumatoid Arthritis Years Later

Junior Soprano Gets Tough on Alzheimer's -- in Real-Life Too

Positive Influence of Religion and Spirituality on Blood Pressure

AARP: Consumers Gouged to Pay for Drug-Maker Gifts to Doctors

Moderate Drinking Equals Better Mental Functioning in Older Women

Pennsylvania Prosecutes Home Alarm Company; Seniors Targeted

Elizabeth Taylor and Alzheimer's

May 2006 Articles:

Living Every Day in Pain: Helping Your Elderly Loved One Cope with Arthritis

Why is Mom So Sad?: Depression and the Elderly

A Caregiver Primer: Shedding More Light for Aging Eyes

‘How I Cope’: Apple Pie and Mom, With a Pinch of Dementia Thrown In

In Dementia Caregiving, Style Counts!

Common Painkillers Linked to Increased Heart Failure Risk

Weight Gain in Women Linked to Lack of Sleep

Recalls of Automated External Defibrillators Are Common

Sad Ending to a Sad Story

Are We Gaining the Upper Hand on Mortality?

Medical Trials Funded by For-Profit Entities More Likely to be Positive

Slightly Fewer Calories Can Reduce Aging Effects

Aspirin + Cholesterol Meds + Blood Pressure Meds = Less Severe Strokes

Elderly to Get Refunds from Bogus Prescription Drug Plan

FDA Denies Health Claims for Green Tea

Doctors Prescribe Drugs Without Adequate Scrutiny: Study

HRT May Prevent Heart Attacks in Some Women

Patient Religious Beliefs and Doctors Don't Always Mix Well

Two Popular Statins Going Generic with Lower Prices

In Nursing Homes, 'Please Pass the Potatoes' May Improve Health

As Original Baby Boomer Turns 60, a Compelling Mother's Day Message

Predictions of 7% Medicare Rate Increase Surface

FDA Approves Generic Version of Popular Cholesterol Drug

Breast Cancer Survivors Skipping Mammograms, Study Finds

Study of Elderly Vioxx Users Heightens Heart Attack Risk in Early Days

Surgeons Rate Low, Nurses High as Operating Room Team Players

Push Is on to Better Protect Elderly from Seasonal Flu Deaths

Researchers Say They Can Reverse Type 1 Diabetes

Study: OTC Pain Relievers + Alcohol = Risky Combination

Robotic Dog Tested as Companion for Nursing Home Residents

Half of Older Diabetics Lack Drugs to Protect Kidneys & Heart

April 2006 Articles:

Changing the Face of LTC in America: Green House Project Captures What Can Be

Managing Mom's Money (and Yours!): Are Annuities Fool's Gold or a Wise Move?

Enrollment Period Nears End: Medicare Drug Plan: Big Win or Big Flop?

What on Earth is LTACH?

With Medicare Drug Deadline Looming, Will Sign-ups Be Extended?

Religious Orientation Influences Elderly's Fear of Death

Where You Carry Fat -- Not Just Being Fat -- May Determine Alzheimer's

Is Congress Turning Against the Elderly?

Study: Obesity Huge Factor in Diabetes Epidemic; Interventions Needed

Want to Cut Alzheimer's Risk? Try a Healthy Diet: Study

AARP Survey Finds Medicare Rx Is What the Doctor Ordered

Survey: Elderly Lack Access to Dental Care; Can Vary By Region

20% of Parkinson's Cases Misdiagnosed; Neurology Guidelines Issued

Alcohol Linked To Higher Death Rates in Ill Elderly Men

Can Osteoporosis Drug Cause Jaw Rot? Lawsuit Alleges So

States Eye Elderly Care Planning as 2006 Hurricane Season Approaches

A Portrait of American Caregivers and Their Hopes for Retirement

Mild Cognitive Impairment Prevalent in Elderly Population

Want to Cut Cancer Deaths in Half? Follow Simple Instructions

Parkinson's Increases Osteoporosis Risk -- Double in Some Cases

New Drug for Leg Ulcers Which Often Trouble Elderly

Fewer Calories, Longer Lifespan?

Loneliness Linked to High Blood Pressure in Older Adults

Elderly Walk More Safely if They Take Mental Control

Women's Silent Health Problem: Fecal Incontinence

Study: Raspberries Best Source of Health-Boosting Antioxidants

Is Tea the New Fountain of Youth?

Drugs, Drugs Everywhere -- Half of All Americans Use Prescription Drugs

March 2006 Articles:

'Dancing' with Dementia: Learning to Cope with a Life-Altering Disease

Curbing a Silent Killer: Monitoring and Managing Your Loved One's Blood Pressure

Nutritional Supplements: A Boost for the Elderly – and We Add Zip

Understanding the Ins and Outs: Adult Day Care Becomes a Basic Senior Service

Taking Meds as Directed Can Cut Elderly Healthcare Costs

GAO: State Inspectors Missing Many Serious Nursing Home Violations

Too Much, Too Little Sleep Linked to Diabetes in Men

And About That Sleep issue . . . NIH Offers Guide to Healthy Sleep

Ethnicity Skews Diabetes' Effect on Heart

'Electronic Nurse' Helps Homebound Seniors Stay Out of Hospital

Word to All Baby Boomers: Prepare Now to Care for Loved Ones

Americans Think They're Healthier than Their Parents Were

Americans Can't Count Calories; 9 of 10 Are Clueless

Medicare Drug Plan Fraud Ring Scamming in Several States

Another Red Wine Benefit: It May Prevent Gum Disease

Take This 'Chill(i) Pill' and It May Improve Your Health

Census: We May Be Growing Older But We're Getting Better!

Joint Daycare for Young and Old is Gaining Favor

Nursing Home Chain Fined $1.35 Million; 160+ Violations Cited

Study May Lead to Test Assessing Multiple Sclerosis Risk

Chocoholics Arise! Eating Chocolate May Cut Risk of Early Death

Painting a New, Changing Portrait of Today's Elder-Caregiver

First to Stop Smoking, Then Birth Control -- Now a Patch for Depression

No. 1 Priority of Dying Patients? Physician Trust

Alternative Medicines (aka Folk Remedies) Widely Used by Rural Elderly

Company Allegedly Deceived Seniors with Prescription Drug Plan

Obesity May Increase Elderly's Sensitivity to Pain

February 2006 Articles:

A Little Household Help May Cut Elderly Healthcare Costs

Long-Term Dementia Care Options Expand, at Times with a Steep Price

Pig Cells May Be Useful in Diabetes Treatment

Fraudulent Mailings Try to Pry Personal Info Out of Seniors

Painful Gout, Colitis Receive Newfound Treatments

Women: Your Waistline Can Foretell Your Risk of Heart Disease

Dealing with "Culture Change": The Changing Face of Long-Term Care in America

A Caregiving Point of View: How the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 Impacts You

Give Me a Break!: Community-Based Programs Provide Caregiver Relief

Lessons in Dental Diligence: A Daughter's Non-Stop Quest for Quality Dental Care

10 Tips for ‘Brightening’ Your Loved Ones World

When 'Till Death Do Us Part' Takes on New Meaning

Surgery Best for Controlling Breast Cancer in Elderly Women

More Smarts Not Always Smart: Education May Speed Alzheimer's Impact

Parkinson's Drug May Cause Compulsive Gambling

Cardiac Drug Found to Double Risk of Kidney Failure

Congress Lights Fire to Extend Medicare Drug Program Signup Deadline

Elderly Diabetes, Depression Are a Bad Mix; New Treatment Helps

In Reversal of Fortune, Cancer Deaths Drop for First Time in 70 Years

Alzheimer's Found to be Mostly Genetic

At Greatest Risk of Hip Fractures, Elderly Inexplicably Avoid Screening

States to Sue over Costs, Shortcomings of Medicare Drug Plan

Elderly Depression Widespread, Under-Reported; New Program May Help

Common Blood Thinner Increases Risk of Elderly Bone Fracture

Do Health Workers Practice What They Preach? Not with Flu Shots

FDA Approves New Angina Drug

Did Pope John Paul, Suffering from Parkinson's, Cure Nun with Disease?

January 2006 Articles:

As Medicare Drug Flap Grows, AARP Changes Stance, Calls for Changes

Checking In, Checking Up: How a Home Visit Can Reveal the Care Mom Really Needs

Teaching Caregivers to Cope Better May Strengthen Lives -- Theirs!

When the Burden Becomes Too Heavy: Tips for Choosing a Mental Health Counselor

Making Your Time Count: Strategies for Simplifying Your Caregiving

Inhaled Insulin Approved for US Diabetes Care

FDA Tries To Improve Device Monitoring

Can Parroting Penguins Help Elderly Maintain Balance?

Good News for our Wallets? Healthcare Costs Slow a Bit

Reverse Mortgages: Buying Time and Continuing to Live Independently

In Nursing Homes, Will Robots Soon Be Emptying Bedpans?

Government Orders Emergency Assistance in Medicare Drug Chaos

Elderly Can Keep Hearts Healthy with Whole Grain Foods

Vitamin A Compound May Fight Lung Cancer

Exercise May Reduce Risk of Dementia

In a Nail-Biter, Brittle Nails Found to Injure Self Esteem as Well as Health

Florida Sues Homecare Provider Targeting Elderly

Growing Old May Not Be So Bad After All

Are US Emergency Rooms in Crisis After Poor Ratings?

Researchers Find DNA Link to Alzheimer's

Study: PSA Test Doesn't Improve Prostate Cancer Survival Rate

With Chaos Reigning, States Take Steps to Help Seniors with Drugs

Life in Nursing Homes Improves More with Dog Visits Than People Visits

Many Just Don't Know When to Quit: Cancer Survivors Still Smoke, Drink

Exercise Once Again a Plus, This Time in Healing Skin Wounds in Elderly

Vitamin-Rich Diet Can Cut Risk of Leading Cause of Elderly Blindness

With Sigh of Relief, Retirees Find Benefits Can Negate Need for Part D

Seniors to Get Refunds for Living Trusts

Illinois Safeguards Comparison Shopping for Prescriptions

We Know it as Pond Scum; Scientists Think it May Fight Alzheimer's

FDA May Approve New Vaccine to Ease Flare-ups of Painful Shingles

Want Healthy Gums? Try Adding Grapefruit to Your Diet

Flu Outbreak Jams California Emergency Rooms, Picks Up in NY City

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