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Articles from 2007

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December 2007 Articles:

Staying Fit While Caregiving: You May Think It's Impossible, But It's Not

Don't Fall Down!: Preventing a Third of a Million Elderly Broken Hips a Year

Here We Go Again!: Coping with Caregiving a Second, or Even Third, Time

The Long Road to Diagnosis: ‘Dad Doesn’t Have Alzheimer’s, He’s Just Getting Older!’

New Tricks for Old Dogs?: How It's Never too Late to Prevent Illness

Naughty or Nice, Beware of Often Fatal 'Merry Christmas Coronary'

Too Much Sugar May Increase Alzheimer's Risk

Older Women Not as Likely to Have Chest Pains in Heart Attacks: Study

Holidays and Aging: 10 Tips from Geriatric Specialists

Meds Class, Including Avandia, Puts Older Diabetics at Heart Risk

Can Where You Live Lead to an Early Death?

Is Camera Breakthrough Way to Retain Memory in Alzheimer's Patients?

Three Well-Known Drugs Send Elderly to the ER Most Often

Feds List Worst of Worst Nursing Homes, Tackle Care Issues

Alzheimer's Onset not Delayed by Popular Drugs: Study

Research Finds Green Tea Helpful Against Breast Cancer

That Shrinking Wallet May Foretell Heart Disease: Study

High Blood Pressure Increases Vulnerability to Alzheimer's

Treating Depression Prolongs Life for Elderly with Diabetes

Report Card: Utah Found to Be 'Most Depressed' State

Commonly-Used Hormone Fails to Prevent Onset of Alzheimer's

More Nurses Needed to Cut Hospital Deaths

Seniors Going Without Needed Meds; Lawsuit Filed

November 2007 Articles:

Six Caregiving Strategies: What to Do When Family Doesn't Help Out

Surgery and the Elderly: Long Avoided, Now a More Frequent Option

Caregiving Gadgets and Gizmos: Our Picks for Easy Showering, Phoning, Taking Meds and More

Keeping an Eye on Loved One's Care: Medicare Recipients Lack Quality Medical Care: Report

Heavy Drinking Can Hike Blood Pressure in Older Men

Minor Strokes Tied to Major Attacks within a Week: Study

Slowing Down, Inactivity not Normal Part of Aging

Marijuana Compound May Help Fight Breast Cancer

Joint Replacement in Arthritic Seniors Cuts Pain, Boosts Independence

Social Security Benefits, Medicare Costs to Increase in January

How Sweet It Is! Chocolate Improves Blood Flow

Latinos, African Americans Live Longer Than Whites with Alzheimer's

Seniors Get Online Tool to Evaluate Prescription Drug Programs

Beta Carotene May Slow Memory Loss

Caregivers Benefit from Cancer Support Programs

Nursing Homes Under Congressional Microscope for Accountability

Caregiver Alert: Scam Targets Elderly Seeking Tax Help

Aspirin May Reduce Parkinson's Risk

Merck Caves, Agrees to $4.85 Billion Vioxx Settlement

Botox Used to Make Aging Joints Feel Younger

Winter 'Chills' Efforts to Control Blood Pressure

Some Cholesterol Drugs Linked to Sleep Disruptions

How Healthy is Your State? New Report Has Answers

Chemical that Causes Parkinson's Disease Identified: Report

High Blood Pressure, Irregular Heartbeat May Speed Alzheimer's Spread

Breast Cancer Cells Self-Destruct with New Drug

Family Ties Determine Who Gets Heart Disease

Americans Give Thumbs Down to US Healthcare System in Survey

Eating Onions Can Keep Heart Disease at Bay: Study

October 2007 Articles:

More Education May be Harmful When it Comes to Alzheimer's Decline

High Blood Pressure Triples Diabetes Risk in Women

Alzheimer's Symptoms Appear Reduced by Popular Blood Pressure Med

Older Recovering Alcoholics Continue to Think Clearly: Study

Viral Infections May Promote Obesity

Does Your Mood Take a Nosedive Each November?

When Kids Become Caregivers: Growing Army of Youth Cares for Their Elderly

Aging in Place: Elderly Sprout Self-Help Networks to Stay Independent

Caregiver Syndrome: When the Stress Piles Up

The Aging Eye: New Lenses Offer Cataract Patients Clearer Future

Fear a Mammogram?: Follow These Life-Saving Tips

Winning the War Against Cancer: Death Rates Dropping Fast

Bad Marriage Can Trigger Bad Heart

Elderly Medicare and Medicaid Patients Not Receiving Quality Care: Report

Just a Single Colonoscopy 'Dramatically' Reduces Cancer Deaths

Old Lungs Stay Young -- Even in Smokers -- With Statins

Five Patients Die; Medtronic Suspends Sale of Heart Device

Can Special Protein Shot Reverse Some Alzheimer's Symptoms?

Tooth Loss May Lead to Dementia: Study

Even Mild Thyroid Problems Double Risk of Heart Conditions

Even Relatives of Parkinson's Patients Run Risk of Dementia

What if Your Doctor Falls Asleep on You? Or Smells of Liquor?

Pay Your Hospital Bill . . . or Else

Clean Living Appears to Guard Against Alzheimer's: Study

Common Acne Drug Reduces Stroke Damage

Elderly Men More Likely Than Women to Get Pacemakers

Popular Alzheimer's Drug Mostly Ineffective in Treating Agitation: Report

Plenty of 'Good' Cholesterol May Protect More Than Managing 'Bad' Levels

Medicare Premiums Will Go Up Next Year -- But Slightly

Scientists Think Alzheimer's is Form of Diabetes

Once-Yearly Preventive Drug Cuts Elderly Hip Fracture Deaths by 28%

Spousal Caregivers and Loved Ones with Cancer Report Similar Stress

Stress in Seniors Linked to Their Low Birth Weight

Aging Mom Knows Best When It Comes to Cholesterol: Survey

We Spent More Fighting Cholesterol in 2004 than on Any Other Drugs

September 2007 Articles:

Shifting Seasons: Making Sure Mom and Dad Are Safely Nestled for Winter

Dealing with the Telltale Signs: Gauging Whether Mom and Dad Can Continue Living on Their Own

Form and Functionality: When Medical Equipment Comes Home

Picking a Pet: Tips for Choosing Your Loved One's Companion

As We Age: Getting the Mail Is Risky Business

Are Women Talking with Parents About Old-Age Living?: Study Says 'Yes'

Chronic Stress Can Steal Years from Caregivers' Lifetimes

Many Misinformed About Alzheimer's Depending on Race

Obesity Ups Alzheimer's Risk; Doesn't Directly Affect Seniors' Memory

Confused by Prescription Instructions? Blame the Label

Hospice Receives High Marks for Dementia Care

Is Craving for Chocolate Really an Addiction? Science Weighs In

Mediterranean Diet May Extend Alzheimer's Patients' Lives

Popular Diabetes Drug Linked to 42% Greater Risk of Heart Attack

Alzheimer's Agitation, Aggression Controlled by Common Antidepressant

Frequent Alcohol Consumption Increases Cancer Risk in Older Women

Caregiver Alert: Cancer Painkiller Can Be Fatal, Manufacturer Warns

Who's More Likely to Change Unhealthy Habits? Men or Women?

Smokers More Likely to Develop Alzheimer's or Dementia

Avocados May Help Prevent Oral Cancer

Alzheimer's Caregivers Remain Healthy with Counseling

More Bad News for Smokers -- and Former Smokers

Painful Side Effects Drive Women to Stop Taking Breast Cancer Drug

Want to Predict Your Obesity Chances? Check Your Zip Code

Heart Attack Sufferers Get Double Whammy, Often Developing Diabetes

Dementia Chances Increase after Removing Ovaries before Menopause

When Doc Doesn't Hear Your Meds Concern, Internet Chatters Will Listen

Hypnosis Reduces Pain and Cost in Breast Cancer Surgery

Americans Earning More But Fewer Have Health Insurance: Census

China's One-Child Policy Could Backfire on Its Elderly

August 2007 Articles:

With Our Elderly in Mind: Caregiving Gadgets and Gizmos

Dealing with Denial: When a Champ Refuses to Admit He's 'Down for the Count'

Caregivers and the Workplace: How to Get the Support You Need

7 Common Myths: Just the Facts About Osteoporosis

Seeking Immediate Medical Care: Six Symptoms Not to Ignore

Experts Develop Simple, Non-Invasive Test for Alzheimer's

20% in Medicare Drug Program Still Don't Fill Prescriptions Due to Cost

Beware of Bogus 'Census' Targeting Seniors

Unexplained Weight Loss Precedes Dementia Diagnosis in Women

Coated Aspirin No Easier on Stomach than Plain

Yoga May Help Control Blood Pressure

Gene That 'Turns Off' Cancer? Gene Suppresses Tumor Growth

Alzheimer's Drug Claims Draw FDA Warning

Popular Diabetes Drugs to Get 'Black Box' Warnings from FDA

Elderly May Not Be Getting Enough Salt in Diets

Great Results on Blood Pressure Meds Stops Elderly Trial Early

Got a Pot Belly? It's a Tip-Off of Heart Disease

Does Caffeine Keep Dementia at Bay?

Elderly Neglect Themselves, Don't Understand the Danger: Study

Gender Differences Greatly Impact Emphysema, COPD

Geriatric Health Conditions Have Major Effect on Half of All Seniors

Alzheimer's Drug Seen as Safe, Effective; Treatment Expanded

Cat is Furry Grim Reaper; How Does Oscar Predict Nursing Home Deaths?

Hip Protectors Don't Protect Elderly in Falls: Study

Study Links Low Cholesterol Levels and Cancer

Literacy Linked to Mortality Rates in the Elderly

Elderly Often Victim as Skin Cancer Rates Rise

Watch Out for Fat Friends: Study Finds Obesity is 'Socially Contagious'

July 2007 Articles:

Getting a Life: Finding a Social Life as a Single Caregiver

Helping Mom and Dad - and Yourself: 5 Steps to Choosing the Best Adult Day Program

Caring Conversations: 10 Tips for Tackling Tough Topics with Parents

Deciphering the Code: Making Sense of Medical and Hospital Bills

Clues When It's Time to Consider Assisted Living

Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Risk Significantly Reduced by Statin

Grapefruit Linked to Breast Cancer

Elderly Dieting Doesn't Lead to Less Physical Activity: Studies

Older Women with Memory Problems Do Not Sleep as Well

Elderly Complaints Lead to Long-Term Care Insurance Probe

Spice Found in Curry Could Fight Alzheimer's

Promising Drug May Reverse Alzheimer's Spread

Many with Early Dementia Can Drive Safely, Experts Say

Risk of Stroke Doubles if Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Attention Training May Help Elderly Improve Concentration

Nursing Home Residents Get Less Vision Care, Study Finds

Drug Patch Approved as Alzheimer's Treatment

1.2 Million Patients at Risk of Staph Infections; Up to 10% Die: Survey

Difficulty Identifying Odors May Predict Elderly Cognitive Decline

Docs' Scribbling Leads to Medication Errors; Technology Helps

Older Women Fare Better Than Men in Lung Cancer Treatment

Dark Chocolate May Help Lower Blood Pressure

Grandchildren Are Likely Caregivers for Grandparents Who Cared for Them

Estrogen Therapy Boosts Aging Brain Cells

Common Antidepressants Lower Bone Density in Older Men and Women

Alzheimer's Risk Cut by Frequent Brain Stimulation in Old Age

Study Finds Omega-3 May Save Sight

Tree Bark May Fight Lung Cancer: Study

Portion-Control Dishes May Help Obese Diabetics

June 2007 Articles:

Alzheimer's Buzz: Scientists Raise Hopes for Vaccine

Millions of Americans Can Save Big Meds Dollars by Safely Splitting Pills

More Women Than Men Having Mid-Life Stroke; Waistline a Culprit

Cool Tips for Hot Days and Stroke Prevention

Even Caregivers Care About Image: Caution on Anti-Wrinkle Products

Here's a Helpful Idea: FDA Approves Computerized Pill Box

Men as Caregivers: What’s Different When a Man Cares for a Loved One?

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Aging Gracefully with a Chronic and Crippling Disease

Exploring Medicare MSA's: Is a Medicare Medical Savings Account Right for Your Loved One?

Nutritional Supplements: Right or Wrong: They're Natural So They Must Be Safe?

Summer Advice:: Stay Hydrated to Avoid Painful Kidney Stones

Alzheimer's to Quadruple Worldwide by 2050, Reaching 106 Million

Vitamin D Dramatically Reduces Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Researchers Hopeful about New Alzheimer's Therapy

7 Medicare Insurers Suspend Marketing After Deception Complaints

'Milkshake' a Day to Keep Alzheimer's at Bay?

Yes, Video Games Might Keep Seniors Mentally Sharp: Study

Elder Care Quality Hurt by Low Pay for In-Home Caregivers

Low Sex Hormone Level May Spell Shorter Life in Older Men

Diabetics in Nursing Homes Need Improved Care: Study

Lack of Sun Doesn't Explain Low Vitamin D in Overweight Seniors

Statins Effectively Arrest Cholesterol; Drugs Well-Tolerated in Patients

Best and Worst States at Monitoring Doctors Are Ranked

Alzheimer's Quickly Gets Worse in Nursing Homes; Day Care Better

Heart Attack Deaths Drop Sharply with New Treatments: Study

Research Links Parkinson's Risk to Pesticides, Head Injuries

Personality Changes May Help Detect Form of Dementia

Aspirin May be Less Effective Heart Treatment for Women than Men

May 2007 Articles:

Is Chip Implanted in Alzheimer's Patients' Arm Form of Care or Branding?

FDA Issues Safety Alert on Diabetes Drug Linked to Heart Deaths

Researchers Discover Link Between Parkinson's and Narcolepsy

Elderly Care Hurt by Chain-Owned Nursing Home Standards

Drink a Day May Delay Dementia

Making Your Bladder Gladder: Green Tea May Prevent Inflammation

‘I Am the Face of Alzheimer’s’: Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out

Did Mom Take Her Medicine?: Missing Meds is Risky Business

Exclusively Caring for the Elderly: When and Why to Seek Care from a Geriatrician

Are You Among the Worried Well?: Seeking a 'Cure' When There is No Ailment

Is Mom's In-Home Caregiver Trained? Or Not?

US Health System Gets Failing Grade vs. Other Countries: Studies

Elderly with Major Depression Live Longer with Appropriate Treatment

Headaches in Middle Age May Increase Risk of Blindness

Diabetes and Heart Failure Spell Double Trouble for Older Women

Consumer Reports Weighs in on Best New Diets

Blood Pressure Drugs May Provide Alzheimer's Protection

New Class of Toxins Rivals Trans Fats in Elderly Heart Risk: Study

Life's Experiences Sharpen Elderly's Decision-Making Skills

Depression Linked to Development of Diabetes in Older Adults

Study Links Whole Grain Diet to Heart Health

What's Your 'Stroke IQ'? Pretty Low, if You're Like Other Americans

Decades-Old Brain Test Can Diagnose Early Alzheimer's: Study

Seniors Bear Brunt of Predatory Lending

Alzheimer's Risk Reduced When Estrogen Used Before Age 65

Older Lupus Patients Avoid Specialist Treatment for Disease

Moderate Coffee Drinking Reduces Many Health Risks

True or False: Seniors Are Grouchy and Frail?

Steep Price Hikes in Popular Medicare Drugs Stymie Program's Hopes

Women Expect to Care for Aging Parents but Seldom Prepare: Survey

Depression May Be Early Sign of Parkinson's Disease

Hopkins Researchers Claim Better Blood Test for Prostate Cancer

Falling Breast Cancer Rates Tied to Declining Use of Hormone Therapy

Prepaid Funeral Scam Targets Seniors

April 2007 Articles:

Geriatric Care Managers: The Elder-Caregiver's Best Ally

Healing Power of Touch: Massage: Delivering Basic Caregiver Relief

Feet Are Complicated Work Horses: Proper Foot Care Saves Caregiver and Loved One

Many Ways to ‘Say’ It: Importance of Saying ‘I Love You’ to Your Loved One

Caregiver Resource: SHIP: State Health Insurance Assistance Programs

GAO: Nursing Home Regulations Ineffective; Elderly in Harm's Way

Study Warns Ibuprofen May Increase Heart Attack Risk

New Long-Lasting Parkinson Drug Adds to Patients' Daily Relief

With Each Minute Precious, Doctors Aggressively Treat Early Heart Attacks

Women with Breast Cancer Need MRI Screening of Opposite Breast

Cocoa -- But Not Tea -- Appears to Lower Blood Pressure

Who Pays Eldercare's Tab -- Caregiver or Elderly?

Drug Reduces Verbal Repetition Associated with Alzheimer's

Use of Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attacks on the Decline

Hot Flashes in Women Linked to High Blood Pressure

Common Herb May Reduce Recurring Urinary Tract Infections

Elderly Woman Buried in Garbage Pile in Her Home; Man Dies

Long-Term Care Costs Now Exceed Most Household Incomes: Study

Using Your Sniffer to Detect Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

Practicing Tai Chi Boosts Immune System in Older Adults

Nation's Largest City Tackles Elderly Safety

Want One More Reason to Quit Smoking?

Is Your Prescription Drug Information Brochure Mostly Greek?

Improper Sedative Use Kills Alzheimer's Patients Early

Long-Term Aspirin Use May Reduce Heart-Related Deaths in Women

Mice with Alzheimer's Effectively Treated by Experimental Vaccine

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure (Not Race) Top Causes of Heart Risk

Parkinson's Drugs Pulled from Market; Can Cause Heart Damage

Trans Fat Linked to Heart Disease; Strongest Evidence to Date: Study

March 2007 Articles:

When Mom and Dad Untie the Knot: Helping Our Loved Ones Through Divorce

How Does Dad Deal with Pain?: Easing a Loved Ones Painful Burden

Is Mom's Home a Potential Minefield?: Strategies for Maintaining a Loved One's Independence

Proven Strategies for Aging Without Aching

Not ‘Going with the Flow’: Relieving a Busy and Bothersome Bladder

Identifying and Properly Treating Life's Aches and Pains

Alzheimer's Spread Picks Up Alarming Speed: Cases Up 10% in 5 Years

Transcendental Meditation Helps with Congestive Heart Failure

Can it Be? Smoking Reported to Lower Parkinson's Risk

More Depression, Burden Reported in Family Caregivers of ALS Patients

Despite New Laws, Doctor-Drug Company Dealings Still Murky

Elderly Exercise: Hold the Spandex, Hide the Hard Bodies

Black, Hispanic Caregivers Misinformed About Alzheimer's

Impotence Drugs May Trump Nitroglycerin for Heart Protection

A Parent's Last Gift: Long Life; Long Lifespan May be Inherited

FDA Wants Stronger Warnings on Well-Known Sleep Drugs

Red Wine May Protect Against Colon Cancer

Sign of Times: Seniors Offered Discounts by Brothel

Early Results Link Vasectomies to Unusual Dementia

Humana Accused of Dumping Part D Insureds on Competitor

Older Women Victimized by Spousal and Partner Violence: Report

FDA Green Lights New Blood Pressure Drug

Colon Cancer Risk Often Linked to Family History

Are Boomers in Worse Shape Than Their Elders?

Uric Acid Levels Tied to Cognitive Impairment in Elderly

Health Spa Approach May Help Hospitalized Seniors

Study Confirms Passive Smoke Link to Cancer; Risk Sometimes Doubled

Epilepsy Drug Improves Tremors in Parkinson's Patients

Now Pain Relievers Linked with High Blood Pressure in Older Men

Prilosec Found as Effective as Expensive Prescriptions

February 2007 Articles:

Stop Pushing My Buttons!: How to Cope When Caring for a Difficult Parent

Traveling a Lonely Road: Caregiving and the Only Child

When Mom Moves In: Surviving Under the Same Roof

Paget's Disease: Boning Up on a Painful Bone Condition

Transport Chairs: Keeping Mom Mobile - Without Breaking Your Back

Fast-Rising Healthcare Costs to Swallow Much More of Your Income

Fooling Our Body Clocks May Avoid Heart Attacks and Strokes

Severe Form of Enlarged Prostate Disease Discovered

Coaching Helps Older Adults Speak Up at Medical Visits

High Cholesterol Increases Women's Stroke Risk: Study

Chocolate as Brain Food? Something to Think About

Elderly Face Double Whammy When It Comes to Body Fat

Midday Napping May Reduce Heart-Attack Risk

Frustration and Promise Envelop Possible Cancer Killer

Symptoms of Depression Linked to Early Stages of Heart Disease

Does Component of Niacin Point Way to Anti-Aging Drugs?

Women's Heart Health Shortchanged by Outdated Risk Factors

Loneliness Linked to Dementia

Women's Heart Disease Often Goes Undetected

Pedestrian-Friendly Communities Make for More Active Older Adults

Are Women Seeing Most-Experienced Breast Cancer Surgeons?

Nurses Arrested for Withholding Meds from Elderly Patients

Moderate Drinking May Be OK for Men with High Blood Pressure

Are Safer Drugs on the Way? FDA Tightens Controls

ERs Treat Chest Pain Differently, Based on Race, Gender, Insurance

Diabetes Risk May Be in the Genes

Antidepressants Similar in Effectiveness, But Side Effects Differ

Vision Loss Costing Medicare Billions

Seniors Might be Happier than Younger Generation: Study

January 2007 Articles:

Can Prunes Reverse Bone Loss After Menopause?

Radiation Reduces Breast Cancer Recurrence in Older Women

Doctor-Issued Credit Cards Start to Appear, Raising Patient Debt

Older Women -- and Men -- Vulnerable to Osteoporosis Refractures

Tomato-Broccoli Combo Can Help Shrink Prostate Cancers

Microwave Ovens Effective Germ-Fighters

Plugging the Elder Care Dollar Drain: Becoming a Tax-Savvy Caregiver

Bills, Bills, Bills: 8 Tips for Managing Your Loved One's Daily Finances

Do Doctors Give Up on the Elderly?: Fighting for a Fighting Chance

Assuring Good Nights: Keeping Our Elderly Safe in Bed

Cost of Health Care Slowing Thanks to Generics

Most Future Alzheimer's Victims Show No Signs

Fed Warning: Aging Boomers Face Social Security Crisis

One More Clue in Alzheimer's Mystery: Gene Changes

Researchers Find Chinese Herb Reduces Blood Pressure

Yes, Chicken Soup Can Help Colds

House Passes Bill to Cut Medicare Drug Costs; President Promises Veto

Study Finds Huge Disparity in Medicare Drug Prices

Caregiver Stress Driven by Loved One's Type of Health Care System

Simple Blood Test Might Predict Heart Attack or Stroke

Women with Migraines Much More Likely to be Depressed

Male or Female Heart: It Makes a Difference in Medical Care

Two Parkinson's Drugs Seriously Increase Heart Risk

Uric Acid Levels Linked to Cognitive Impairment in Elderly

Spice Up Your Health This New Year

Plain Soap and Water Still Best for Washing Hands

Praying Online Helps Cancer Patients: Study

Worst Diets of 2006: You Won't Lose Weight with These Turkeys

Physicians Recruited to Keep Demented Drivers Off the Road

Women with COPD Fare Worse than Men with Disease

Researchers Link Banned Pesticide with Parkinson's

A Primer: Long-Term Care Insurance -- To Buy or Not?

Century-Old Montessori Method Used to Treat Alzheimer's

Here's a Twist: Pet Owners Are Less Healthy

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