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Articles from 2008

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December 2008 Articles:

Low-Cost Ideas for Stocking Your Parents' Home for Independence : Getting Down to Basics

When Elderly Parents Sabotage Caregivers: Six Steps to Keep In-Home Care on Track

Sleep Apnea: Serious Disorder as Common as Diabetes: Worth a Closer Look as We Age

GERD -- Little Word for a Big Pain: More Than Heartburn, Less Than Heart Attack

8 Tips for Protecting Skin from Winter's Bite: Those 'Flakes' Are Not Just Snow

Heart Disease, Stroke Deaths Drop 30%; Lifestyle Risks Still Too High

Eat Those Bananas! Low Potassium May Trigger High Blood Pressure

For Improved Memory, Grandma Should Become Video Gamer: Study

Popular Diabetes Drugs Double Risk of Fractures in Women

Patients Often Harmed When Administering Their Own Pain Medication

Why Are So Many Americans Passing Up Flu Shots?

Watch Those Cold Sores: They May Be Linked to Alzheimer's Risk

Women More Likely to Die from Serious Heart Attack

Contrary to Earlier Belief, Vitamins Don't Cut Prostate Cancer Risk

Older Adults Gain Strength in Community Workout Programs

2 Drinks a Day Won't Boost Irregular Heart Beat Risk in Women: Report

If Your Doc Is Computer Friendly, Your Meds Might Cost Less

Study Links Fast Food to Alzheimer's; Fat, Cholesterol May Spur Dementia

Grapefruit Pulp May Reduce Osteoporosis Risk: Study

Broccoli May Lower Lung Cancer Risk in Smokers

Exercise Helps Prevent Age-Related Brain Changes

Does Growth Hormone Drug Slow Alzheimer's? New Study Casts Doubt

Age-Related Hearing Loss May Be in the Genes

Unpaid US Caregiving Value Tops $375 Billion, Grows at Fast Pace

Those Shorter Winter Days Could Be Bad for Your Heart

Do You Know You're Having a Stroke? Fewer Than Half Realize It

More Than Half of Chronically Ill Scrimp on Health Care: Survey

High Blood Pressure Control More Elusive for Black Americans

Bayer to Pay $97 Million to Settle Diabetic Supplies Kickback Charges

November 2008 Articles:

Vaccinations Against Illness Important in Old Age Too: Not Just Kid Stuff

A Life Up in Smoke: Is Quitting Only a Pipe Dream for Elderly Smokers?

Highlighting Senior Safety Plus Mental and Physical Exercise: Caregiving Gadgets & Gizomos

When a Loved One Enters a Nursing Home: Understanding Your Role as Advocate

Charles Bonnet Syndrome: Hallucinations, Visions and Vision Impairment Among Elderly

Be Careful Mixing Grapefruit with Meds: Keeping Seniors Healthy

Can Marijuana Ward Off Alzheimer's? Scientists Say 'Maybe'

Aspirin May Help Detect Prostate Cancer -- or Mask Its Presence

New Drug Fails Alzheimer's Testing in Humans

Statins Cut Heart Risk Even in the Healthy: Study

Reduced US Heart Disease Risk Overstated; Women Especially Affected

Feeling Older Lately? Thinking Younger May Actually Impact Aging

Hormone Shows Promise in Reversing Alzheimer's and Stroke

Too Little Sleep May Raise Heart Disease Risk in Elderly

Plans Are Changing: Time to Review Medicare Drug Plan Options for 2009

Vision Tests for Older Drivers May Reduce Fatal Car Crashes

Go Figure: With Many Excuses, Nearly Half of Adults Won't Get Flu Shots

Controlling Diabetes Tougher for Older Diabetics Battling Depression

Anti-Seizure Epilepsy Drug May Help Treat Early Alzheimer's

Study Investigates Anti-Frailty Pill for Seniors; Tests Boost Muscle Mass

Shot to Prevent Pneumonia May Also Cut Heart Attack Risk: Study

Alzheimer's Death Comes Sooner with Diabetes or High Blood Pressure

Daylight Savings Time Shift Found to Affect Heart Attack Risk

FDA OK?s New Drug for Overactive Bladder; Condition Common with Age

Grapes Might Help Manage Blood Pressure, Improve Heart Health

Older White Caregivers More Likely to Suffer from Poor Health

Alzheimer's Risk May Hinge on Level of Certain Blood Protein in Body

Foot Pain? You May Have Diabetes

Stiff Joints May Lead to Stiff Hearts: Arthritis, Heart Failure Linked

Older Drivers Take Back Seat to Youth Handling Stress Behind the Wheel

October 2008 Articles:

On the Hook for Home Care Costs: Don't Overlook These Sources of Funding

Taking Care When Admitting a Parent to Nursing Home Care: Read the Fine Print

Still Driving After All These Years: When Safety is a Must

Why Elderly People Bruise So Easily: More Often Natural than Abuse

No Simple Solution for Toenail Infections: More Common with Age

Most Doctors Commonly Prescribe Placebos, Say Fake Meds Ethically OK

Regular Exercise Routine Can Reverse Alzheimer's Effects, Expert Says

Aspirin Doesn't Cut Heart Attack Risk for Diabetics: Report

Education, Mentally Taxing Jobs May Buffer Pre-Alzheimer's Memory Loss

No Link Found Between Caffeine and Breast Cancer Risk in Most Cases

Illnesses Afflicting Elderly Cost More to Treat; Tab Hits $196 Billion in 2007

Study Links Sleep and Memory Problems

Drinking Alcohol Shrinks Your Brain: Study

Good Cholesterol May Fortify Memory as You Age

Dementia Risk Increases if You Have Pear-Shaped Body

Women Need Less Tobacco Exposure to Increase Colon Cancer Risk

FDA Approves Daily Drug for Enlarged Prostate Common in Older Men

Nearly All US Nursing Homes Cited for Standards Violations: Feds

Alzheimer's Progress Measured by New Drugs, Healthier Living: Report

Older Women at Great Breast Cancer Risk; Screenings Urged into 70s

Bad Breath, Common in Elderly, Under Research Microscope

Older Women Risk Artery Disease from Secondhand Smoke

Depression Tied to Heart Disease; Patients Should Be Screened, Treated

Active Social Life in Midlife May Cut Men's Alzheimer's Risk: Study

Many Elderly Suffer Voice, Swallowing Problems; Accept it as 'Normal'

Most States Lag in Palliative Care; Where Does Your State Rank?

Vitamin C Shown to Protect Elderly Men from Bone Loss

Hearing, Quality of Life Improve with Cochlear Implants in Elderly

FDA: Statins Cleared for Now in Suspected Link to Lou Gehrig's Disease

September 2008 Articles:

Older Women Who Get Little Sleep May Have Higher Risk of Falling

Making a Nap Work for You; Health Benefits Aplenty

Shop for Best Medicare Drug Plan Pricing; Some Rates to Skyrocket

Seniors Lean More to Generic Drugs Only When They?re Paying: Study

Elderly Living in Poorer Areas Less Likely to Survive Surgery

Sinus Attacks Trigger Pain Resembling Old-Age Arthritis; Surgery Helps

Build Bridges Instead of Breaking Them: Saving Relationships Endangered by Caregiving

Deciding in Advance: What Are Advance Directives and Why Do You Need Them?

Fighting Back with Diet and Activity: Avoiding the Crippling Grip of Osteoporosis

Keeping Loved Ones Independent: It All Comes Down to Mom's Mobility in the Home

Caregiver Tip: Getting the Smell of Urine Out of Clothing and Bedding

Elderly Hit Hard by 'Lethal Brew' of US Financial Crisis

Incontinence Affects a Third of Older Women, Quarter of All Women: Study

No Rise for 2009 Medicare Premiums; First Time in 8 Years

Brush Your Teeth to Save Your Heart

Can Broccoli Help Treat Chronic Lung Disease?

Caregiver Alert: FTC Cracks Down On Bogus Cancer Cures

Inklings of Alzheimer's May be Tied to Low Educational Achievement

Some Skin Cancers Increase Risk of Developing Other Types of Cancer

Parkinson's Disease Appears to Respond to Baker's Yeast Protein

Cholesterol Drugs May Also Lower Risk of Stroke for Elderly

Follow-Up Care Lacking for Many Older Colorectal Cancer Survivors

Cause and Remedy Found for Old-Age Baggy Eyes

Pfizer Eyes Old Russian Drug with Alzheimer?s Promise; New Generic OK?d

Caregiver Alert: FDA Investigates 20 Drugs for Possible Side Effects

Exercise May Help Improve Memory Problems

Nearly Half of All Aging Boomers to Develop Arthritic Knees

Even Without Dementia, Mental Skills Decline Years Before Death: Study

Hormone Therapy Improves Sleep, Sexuality, Joint Pain in Older Women

Orange, Apple Added to Dangerous Juice List with Some Meds

Men Over Age 75 Should Not Be Screened for Prostate Cancer: Panel

Elderly Run Very High Risk of Fractures after Hospitalization

Your Mental Outlook May Determine Breast Cancer Risk

Skyrocketing Prescription Costs: Some Prices Surge 100% or More

McCain vs. Obama on Fixing Health Care: Who Would Do What?

August 2008 Articles:

Helping Our Elderly Deal with Diabetes: Caregiver Challenge

Mobility Consultants Help Elderly Stay in Their Home: Aging in Place

Guarding Against Elder Abuse: Keep a Watchful Eye in the Home

Caregiving Gadgets & Gizmos: Safety and Simplicity for Your Caregiving

Easing Mom or Dad Quietly - and Often - into the Bath: Caregiver Tip

ADHD Drug Helps Keep Seniors from Falling, Gives a Cognitive Boost

Study: Quarter of Dementia Spousal Caregivers Depressed, Lonely

Medicare Urged to Help Seniors Quit Smoking

More and More Elderly Report Being Abused

New Prostate Cancer Treatment Shows Promise

79 Million Struggle to Pay Medical Bills as Health Coverage Fades

Popular Blood Pressure Drugs Successfully Fight Alzheimer's

If Mom Had Alzheimer's, You Might Get It Too: Study

Aspirin Seems to be Effective in Treating Osteoporosis

Physical Frailty May be Linked to Alzheimer's Disease

Eating Fish May Prevent Memory Loss and Stroke in Old Age

Chocolate as Health Food? Not Exactly -- but Dark Chocolate May Help

Daily Pill Said To Stop Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's Risk Doubled or Tripled for Single People: Study

Female Stroke Risk Increased by Too Much and Too Little Sleep

Men's Thinking Tangled by Common Prostate Cancer Treatment

Baby Talk Infuriates Alzheimer's Patients; They Still Absorb It

Caregiver Alert: NY Nails Insurance Broker for Scamming Seniors

July 2008 Articles:

How Our Elderly Can Beat the Heat: Preventing Dehydration and Other Heat-Related Illnesses

Tips for Helping Families with Children: When Kids Are Caught in Caregiving's Shuffle

Keeping Loved Ones Independent: Assuring Safety and Ease in Mom's Kitchen

When Mom or Dad Moves In: A Checklist for Parent-Proofing Your Home

No Substitute for Vigilance: Why Are Hired Caregivers Bonded?

Alzheimer's Patients May Retain Memories Longer Than We Thought

For Today's Seniors, Their Sex Lives Just Keep Getting Better

How New Medicare Changes Impact Elderly

Agitated Dementia Patients Endangered by Anti-Psychotic Drugs: Study

Patients Are Living Longer with Heart Disease -- But Are They Happy?

Women Behind the Eight-Ball with Old-Age Fears -- for Good Reason

Alzheimer's May Respond to Outdated Allergy Med, Scientists Say

Caregivers Today Face Longer Lives with Fewer Assets Tomorrow

Exercise May Prevent Brain Shrinkage in Early Alzheimer's

Elderly Body No Barrier to Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery

Cancer Deaths Could Drop with More Colorectal Screening: CDC

Yep, Watermelon May Help Overcome Impotence: Study

Fatal Mad Cow-Like Form of Dementia Discovered in US

Popular Health Food Tofu Linked to Memory Problems

Will 'Designer Tomatoes' Deliver Alzheimer's Vaccine?

Aspirin May Prevent Osteoporosis, Keep Aging Bones Healthy: Study

Some Common Drugs Increase Risk of Elderly Falling

Nudists Bare Feelings for Assisted Living Facility

Potential New Alzheimer's Drug Fails Tests; Maker Pulls Plug

Hearing Loss May Be Stroke Predictor

Do Men or Women Have More Memory Problems in Very Old Age?

Hormone Replacement Benefits Older Men with Low Testosterone

New Survey Helps Caregivers Evaluate Elderly's Cognitive State

Coffee's Enticing Aroma Reduces Stress: Report

Old-Age Care Costs Soar: Study

Low Childhood IQ Linked to Dementia

Elderly Hit Hard as Americans with Diabetes Reaches 8% of Population

Small Electronic Device May Zap Away Migraines Before They Start

Elderly's Restless Nights Helped by Ancient Martial Art

Alzheimer's Patients Wait for a Bus to Nowhere

June 2008 Articles:

Chasing the Old-Age Rainbow: Economy Forcing More Elderly into Bankruptcy

How to Preserve Assets: Tips for Navigating Medicaid's Complex Maze

Did Pop Take His Pills?...: Helping Loved Ones Manage Their Many Meds

Meeting a Constant Challenge: When Getting to the Doctor Is Half the Battle

Alzheimer's Deaths Mount as US Life Expectancy Increases

Heavy Coffee Consumption Not a Health Risk, Study Finds

Can Grape Seed Extract Slow Alzheimer's Progress?

New Psoriasis Drug Receives Unanimous FDA Panel Approval

Red Wine's Resveratrol May Help Battle Obesity: Study

FDA Cracks Down On Bogus Cancer Cures

Bright Lighting Reduces Dementia Symptoms: Study

Breast Cancer Recurrence Sharply Cut with Bone Drug

Pomegranate Juice May Help Fight Arthritis

Nursing Homes Bypass Drug Therapy for Elderly at Risk of Osteoporosis

Elderly Restore Muscle with Painkillers while Exercising

Elderly Not So Fuddy-Duddy; More Socially Engaged Than You May Think

Is Red Wine Part of the Fountain of Youth? Experts Think So

Nursing Home Residents Get Downright Feisty; Bullying Common

Chinese Report Success in Treating Alzheimer's with Plant

Spouse's Death Increases Elderly's Odds of Needing Nursing Home Care

Heart Failure Patients Often in Denial on Life Expectancy

90% of All Elderly Have at Least One Chronic Medical Condition: Report

Aspirin and Naproxen Join Ibuprofen in Reducing Alzheimer's Risk

Hormone May Hold Key to Helping Elderly Men Live Longer

Antipsychotic Drug Use in Elderly with Dementia Triples Risk of Death

Experts Say Taking Aspirin at Bedtime Lowers Blood Pressure

When Erectile Problems Can Signal Heart Disease

Drink Grape, Apple Juice to Prevent Clogged Arteries: Study

May 2008 Articles:

OCD in Our Elderly: Is Mom Obsessively Compulsive ? or Just Anxious?

Caregiver Fear: What You Can Do to Cope with Your Worst Caregiving Fears

Caregiving Gadgets and Gizmos: Products to Ease Stress, Help Insure Safety

Is Alzheimer's Type 3 Diabetes?: Dementia and Diabetes Linked in Elderly

No Matter What Your Age: Be Prepared for Summer Allergies!

West is Best for Women's Heart Health, South and Midwest Worst

Feds Urge Shingles Vaccine for Every Older American

Cola May Brittle Your Bones; Osteoporosis Link

FDA Approves Generic Drug for Restless Legs Syndrome

Can Chemical in Celery Help Fight Alzheimer's?

Half-Hour of Music Daily Lowers Blood Pressure: Study

Obesity Significantly Increases Your Risk of Dementia: Study

High Cholesterol in Mid-Life Increases Your Alzheimer's Risk

Many Disabled Seniors Found to Use Risky or Ineffective Medicines

Got Short Arms or Legs? You May be Strong Dementia Candidate

Elderly Too Easily Duped by Drug Ads; FDA Panel Wants Changes

Elderly with Vision Diseases Aided by Aggressive Low-Vision Therapy

Ibuprofen Linked to Sharply Lower Alzheimer's Risk

Do Cherries Naturally Guard Against Heart Disease, Diabetes?

Daily Aspirin May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

Seniors' Buying Power Plummets; Cut in Half Since 2000

Common Drugs Cause Older Adults to Slow Down Sooner

Drug Prices Can Vary Widely, Consumer Reports Survey Finds

Alzheimer's and Diabetes Linked, and Scientists Now Say They Know Why

Women Miss Heart Attack Signs, Expecting 'Hollywood Heart Attack'

Success Reported in Small Trial of New Alzheimer's Drug

Caregiver Alert: Heart Pills Recalled

When it Comes to Avoiding Stroke, It's All in the Money, Honey

New Meaning to 'Cover Charge': Give $1 from Strip Club Patrons to Seniors

April 2008 Articles:

Whites Die Sooner with Alzheimer's than Other Races

Men More Likely to Have Memory, Thinking Problems

Higher Rx Costs May Lead to Untreated Depression in Elderly

Vitamin E May Help Alzheimer's Patients Live Longer

Elderly Risk of Leg Artery Blockage Doubled with Low Vitamin D Levels

Wachovia Slammed for Telemarketing Abuse of Elderly

Keeping Loved Ones Independent: Helping Mom and Dad Navigate the Bathroom

Unlocking Tangled Memories: Reaching People with Alzheimer's Through Music

A First-Hand Account: Keeping Loved Ones Safe from Elderly Financial Abuse

Spirituality and the Elderly: Finding the 'Spirit' of Better Health as We Age

Turning to Hospice: Asking the Right Questions to Select Care Providers at Life's End

More Alzheimer's Caregivers Turn to Kids to Help with Care

Aging Boomers Face Crisis: Health Care System Too Small, Few Experts

Bad Habits Can Trigger Alzheimer's, Also Bring on Disease Sooner

Breast Cancer Linked to Drinking in Older Women

Regular Exercise While Aging Prevents Cognitive Decline: Study

Keep Smiling: Oldest Americans Are the Happiest Americans

Happy Birthday!

Experts Tie Hypertension, Diabetes to Dementia

Lowering Blood Pressure in Oldest of the Old Extends Life: Study

Psoriasis May Be in Your DNA; New Genetic Links Uncovered

Depression Increases Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

New Guidelines for Stubborn High Blood Pressure; Elderly Are Focus

Caregiver Dilemma: Can I Afford to Retire? Many Answer 'No'

Can a Coffee a Day Keep Alzheimer's Away?

Psoriasis Patients Said to Risk Heart Disease, Cancer, Depression

Parent's Death Anniversary Can be Deadly -- for You

Home Defibrillators Not as Effective as Thought: Report

New Blood Pressure Drug Has Fewer Side Effects: Study

A Good Fight May Keep You and Your Marriage Healthy

Pot Belly in Middle Age Linked to Alzheimer's

Physical Restraints Used Much Less in US Nursing Homes

Caregiver Alert: Scam Targets Elderly's Social Security Numbers

We're in Trouble: US Facing Severe Shortage of Nurses

Treating Spousal Caregiver Stress May Help Partners with Cancer

Sensor Necklace Aims to Increase Elderly Drug Compliance

March 2008 Articles:

Chilling Warning: 1 in 8 Boomers Likely to Get Alzheimer's

One-Third of All Elderly Suffer Serious-to-Modest Memory Loss

Family Caregivers of Heart Patients May Have Higher Heart Disease Risk

Soy Compound May Halt Spread of Prostate Cancer

Loss of Balance in Old Age May Indicate Several Serious Issues

Parkinson's Drug Might Work in Cancer Patients

Double Dose of Caregiving: Coping While Caring for More than One Loved One at a Time

Where’s Mom’s Medical Degree?: Self-Medicating by Seniors too Common, Always Dangerous

Caregiver Brain Fitness: Trying No-Sweat Workout to Save Your Mind in Old Age

When There’s Not Enough Saliva: Dealing with Common Elderly Dry Mouth Condition

Are Mom and Dad More Liberal than You Think?

Alzheimer's in Family Boosts Your Chances of Developing Disease: Study

Quarterly Vaccination May Control Blood Pressure in Future

Alzheimer's Study: Grief Is Heaviest Burden for Caregivers

Little Evidence That Psychotherapy Helps Elderly with Depression

Why Loud Snoring Can Lead to Heart Disease, Stroke

Caregiver Alert: Denture Cleansers Can Cause Allergic Reactions

Oddly, Patients Relieved by Alzheimer's Diagnosis, not Depressed

Broccoli May Help Us Defy Old Age

Heart Failure No Longer Death Sentence; More Elderly Live With It

Which Alzheimer's Drug Works Best? It's a Toss-up

Mom and Dad?s Drug Costs Rising, Triggered by Medicare Part D: AARP

Got a Quarter Million Dollars Cash to Spend on Old-Age Medical Care?

Could It Be? Elderly Memory Loss Becoming Less Common

Popular Arthritis Drug Can Disrupt Heart Rhythm

Forget Ginkgo as Memory Enhancer: Study

Number of Older Adults with Diabetes Jumps by Nearly a Quarter

Increased Cancer Risk from Vitamin Supplements, Report Warns

Robotic Dog Helps Elderly Overcome Loneliness

February 2008 Articles:

Sometimes a Referee Can Help: Coping with a Difficult Parent

When Dressing Becomes a Chore: Solutions for Keeping Loved Ones Independent

Caregiving Gadgets and Gizmos: New Ways to Keep Mind Fresh, Blood Pressure Low

Exercise and the Elderly: Why You and Mom Should Work Out Together

A Caregiver’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

Brits Say Computer Better Than Docs at Diagnosing Alzheimer's

You Might Live to 90 by Changing Your Lifestyle 5 Ways: Report

Caregivers Need Help Coping with Loved One's Mild Memory Loss

Blood Pressure Patients Tempt Fate by Ignoring Safe Diet

Elderly Smokers Tend to Keep Their Habit a Secret

Worst Time to Have Heart Attack in Hospital? More Deaths at Night

Even Mild Alzheimer's Sparks Startling Decline in Financial Skill

Blood Thinner Linked to Severe Allergic Reactions; Production Halted

Older Prostate Cancer Victims Can Safely Hold Off Treatment: Study

Caregiver Alert: Payday Lenders Targeting Seniors

Here's a Switch: Health Costs Are Lower for Fat People than Thin Patients

Rural Areas Become Old-Age Destinations

Telltale Signs of Alzheimer's Appear Virtually Overnight: Report

Who's More Likely to be Depressed -- Older Men or Older Women?

Lack of Key B Vitamin May Triple Alzheimer's Risk: Research

High Blood Pressure Pill Cuts Risk of Parkinson's Disease

Heart Attack Victim Hounded for $5 Co-Pay En Route to Hospital

Large-Breasted Women More Prone to Diabetes: Study

Estrogen-like Compound May Reduce Risk for Alzheimer's in Mice: Report

Diuretics May Be Better Blood Pressure Therapy Than More Costly Meds

Nursing Homes Improve Care When Spotlighted in Online Report Card

Heart, Stroke Deaths Show Steady Decline -- But Risk Factors Increase

Elderly Falls Overlooked as Major Cause of Fractures; Safeguards Needed

Couch Potatoes May Age Faster; Exercise Can Slow Aging

January 2008 Articles:

Stepping Back from the Brink: Taking Positive Steps Before You Reach the Breaking Point

Protecting the Skin We’re In: Keeping Sores, Infection Away with Loving Care

A Priceless Gift of Health: Why Exercise is Good Medicine at Any Age

The Hygiene-Health Connection: Meeting the Challenge of Personal Hygiene in Our Elderly

8 Top Tips on Avoiding Osteoporosis

Infrared Helmet May Reverse Some Alzheimer's Symptoms: Research

Few Plans Exist to Stop Deadly Superbug Spread in Nursing Homes

Caregiver Alert: Protect Seniors from Reverse Mortgage Scams

New Cancer Drug May Be On the Way; Fewer Side Effects

Vitamin C (Naturally) Can Guard Against Stroke

Convenience vs. Safety: Drive-Up Pharmacy Windows Lead to Rx Errors

New Quick Test May Detect Alzheimer's at Annual Physical Exam

Family Caregivers May Qualify for Tax Breaks

Dementia Patients Live Average of Four and a Half Years after Diagnosis

Most Women Ask Parents Hard Questions on Reality of Living Alone

Calcium Supplements May Increase Older Women's Heart Risk

High Blood Pressure in Healthy Older Adults Linked to Destructive Gene

Breakthrough? Shot Appears to Reverse Alzheimer's Effects in Minutes

Greater Use of Statins Could Extend Lives of Elderly Heart Disease Patients

Scientists Worry that Lead in Kids Can Spark Alzheimer's Decades Later

Business Icon Commits Many Millions to Parkinson's Fight

Lack of Vitamin D May Increase Heart Disease Risk

Afternoon Nap May Help Long-Term Memory

Irregular Heartbeat Can Trigger Memory and Thinking Problems

Fit Seniors Live Longer, Even With Modest Effort

Restless Legs Syndrome Doubles Risk of Stroke, Heart Disease

Obesity Linked to Higher Death Rate from Prostate Cancer

Many Hospitals Slow to 'Shock' Heart Patients Back to Life

Diabetes Test Strips Recalled for False Readings

Walking and Moderate Exercise Help Prevent Dementia

Caution: Winter is Prime Time for Heart Attacks

FDA Finds No Increased Heart Risk from Heartburn Drugs

Feds Free Companies to Drop Retiree Health Insurance Plan

Gene Mutation Kills Good Gene, Spreading Breast Cancer: Study

Food Guide Pyramid Updated for Elderly

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