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The articles appearing in The Caregiver’s Home Companion, along with items reported on this site and other relevant news stories and features from other sources, are available electronically to subscribers in the Archives Section of this site. 

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Articles from 2009

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December 2009 Articles:

Nearly a Third of All US Adults Are Now Family Caregivers -- 65.7 Million: Study

Alzheimer's and HIV-Related Memory Loss Linked by Protein

Overall Cancer Cases and Deaths on the Decline, Especially in Men

Coffee Linked to Reduced Risk of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Tactics to Fix Hair Thinning in Women, Balding in Men

New Drug for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Moves to Final Testing

Cigarette Smoking Increases Colorectal Cancer Risk

More Seniors Consider Medicare Insurance Switch as Loyalty Wavers

Chronic Pain Found to Increase Risk of Falling in Older Adults

Is It Time for a Caregiver S.O.S?

Spatial Skills May Hold Key to Earliest Alzheimer's Diagnosis: Report

Meditation Cuts Heart Attack, Stroke, Death Rates in Half for Heart Patients

Surprisingly, Surgery not Linked to Memory Problems in Older Patients

Caregiver Alert: FDA Says Plavix and Prilosec Don't Mix

November 2009 Articles:

All Is Not Lost With Hair Loss: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Essential Tremor - Little Known But Common Parkinson's Cousin: This ET is not a Movie Name

How Swine Flu Could Affect Your Elderly Loved One: Dealing with ‘The New Flu’

Gearing Up for Your Loved One's Visit: Home for the Holidays

Helping Elderly Cope with Financial Anxiety

Elderly Prefer In-Home Care by Family; Family Prefers Professionals

Popular Cancer Painkiller May Actually Spur Cancer Growth: Study

Migraine Raises Risk of Most Common Form of Stroke

Safely Getting Rid of Old Meds: Here's How to Do It

Caregiving Children Entering Their 60s with More Disabilities Than Parents

Popular Cholesterol Drug Class Said to Boost Flu Survival Chances

Aspirin Risky for Healthy Adults Wanting to Prevent Heart Attack: Experts

Can Laser Biopsy Provide Surgery-Free Breast Cancer Diagnosis?

Is Some Dementia Hereditary? Highly, Experts Now Say

Common Pain Relievers May Dilute Power of Flu Shots

Heart Attack More Common in Women; Survival Chances Better

Treating Osteoporosis Risk Could Slash Nation's Hip Fracture Rate: Study

Making and Living With Difficult Caregiving Decision

Long-Term Care Costs Keep Going Up and Up in Latest National Survey

Uninsured Older Americans Fear Illness, Financial Ruin

Does Suffering Outweigh Dialysis Benefit in Elderly? Practice Questioned

Older Blacks More Wary of Flu Shots, Fearing Illness

October 2009 Articles:

Olive Oil Compound May Help Prevent, Treat Alzheimer's

Act of Love or Cruelty: Farmer Chains Alzheimer's Wife to Protect Her

No Social Security Cost of Living Increase in 2010; 1st Time in Decades

Food Toxin Linked to Liver Cancer

Call It 'Salon Therapy:' Hair Stylists May Be Key to Getting Elderly Help

New Online Tool Helps Gauge Your Swine Flu Risk

Good Hospital Can Make Life or Death Difference

Staying Sharp: How People Maintain Cognitive Function in Old Age

Who Sleeps Better -- Men or Women?

It May Be Cheaper to Keep Mom, Dad Warm This Winter

Statins Cut Heart Attack, Stroke Risk in Those Without Heart Disease

FDA Approves New Drug to Treat Psoriasis; May Lead to Infection

Cancer Drug May Fight Memory Loss of Early Alzheimer's

Economy Appears Tougher on Boomers Than Seniors, AARP Finds

Ouch! That Flu Shot More Effective Than Nasal Spray for Vaccine

Obesity Causes More Than 124,000 New Cancers a Year in Europe

Elderly Pin-up Boys? Yep, We're Serious

Need a Caregiver Timeout?: Holidays + Caregiving = STRESS

September 2009 Articles:

Alcohol + Aging: A Dangerous Mix, Often Hidden

Is Your Loved One's Blood 'Tired?': Anemia Is Much More Than a Sign of Old Age

Caregiving Gadgets and Gizmos: The Latest, From a Jeep-Like Wheelchair to Magnifying Watch

Looking in the Mirror at Old Age: What Boomers Face in the Years Ahead

Pill Splitting: Common But Risky Practice Among Seniors

Alzheimer's, Dementia Much More Common Than Thought: Report

Professional In-Home Caregiver Shortage Looms, Experts Warn

Money Management Problems Could Be Alzheimer's Warning

Men Cut 10 Years Off Their Life with Certain Habits and Health Condition

Regular Aspirin Use Cuts Risk of Dying from Colorectal Cancer

House Approves Freeze on 2010 Medicare Premiums; Senate Next

Showering Dilemma: Your Showerhead May Deliver Face Full of Yuk

Swine Flu not Only Scourge; Bird Flu Survivors Risk Parkinson's

Common Cold, Other Minor Infections Worsen Dementia

Chili-Pepper Based Pain Cream Could Protect Heart During Attack

Lacking Insurance, 45,000 Deaths Annually Are Tied to No Coverage

Cancer Deaths Steadily Decline in United States

Elderly Poverty Rate Much Worse Than Past, New Gauge Finds

Most Cognitive Tests Don't Tell Alzheimer's from Vascular Dementia

Lifeline Warns Elderly Subscribers on Pendant Safety; Cites Choking Risk

Were Nursing Home Patients Wrongly Drugged? Administrator Charged

Most Elderly Unaware of Dangerous Combo of Meds and Driving: Study

Feds Unveil New Food Safety and Recall Website

Dealing with High Blood Pressure? Eat More Melons

New Technology Helps Parkinson's Patients Speak Louder

'Thunder Thighs' May be Unsightly, But May Protect vs. Heart Disease

You're Never Too Old to Enjoy a Good Night's Sleep

Walking Can Decrease Breast Cancer Recurrence by 40%: Study

Painkiller Oxycodone Doesn't Mix Well With Other Drugs

More Obesity Blues: Brain Shrinks as Weight Increases

Over-Sleeping and Afternoon Naps Hike Alzheimer's Risk: Study

Negative Personality Ups Chance of Dying from Arterial Disease

Brain Shifts into Hyperactive Mode to Cope with Early Alzheimer's

Experts Urge Reduced Intake of Added Sugars for Better Heart Health

Life Expectancy at All-Time High, While Death Rate Drops

August 2009 Articles:

Technology: Caregiving's New Frontier: For Elder-Tech, the Future is Now!

More States Add Payment Benefit: How Medicaid's Assisted Living Waiver May Help

Financially Trapped : For Mom and Dad, Is It Still Home Sweet Home?

What to Watch For, What to Do: Chronic Kidney Disease

Canes and Walkers: These Tools Are Made for Walking

Binge Drinking Growing Problem Among Older Adults

Steady Dose -- But Not Overdose -- of Wine May Best Fight Alzheimer's

Dementia Drugs Don't Mix Well with Older Diabetics

Older Drivers Know Their Shortcomings -- Except One: Study

Health Care Credit Cards Become More Popular -- But Beware!

Heavy Cost for Heavy Weight: Obesity-Related Health Costs Soar

Mediterranean Diet Linked with Lower Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Lower IQ Said to Increase Heart Disease Danger; Simpler Warnings Urged

High Cholesterol in Midlife Raises Potential for Late-Life Dementia

Optimism Appears to Lower Women's Risk of Heart Disease

Men with Angina at Greater Risk than Women for Serious Heart Ailments

The Doctor Is 'In' -- But When Can You See Him?

July 2009 Articles:

Some Blood Pressure Drugs May Help Protect Against Dementia

Economy Forces Seniors to not Take Meds, Buy Needed Food: Survey

Language Skills in Your 20's May Predict Dementia Risk Decades Later

Researchers Discover Possible Therapeutic Target to Slow Parkinson's

Immunotherapy Linked to Notably Lower Risk of Alzheimer's

Elderly Benefit From Strength Training; Build Valuable Muscle

Reduced Diet Slows Aging; Clear Message: Eat Less

Targeting Alzheimer's with Treatment in Middle-Age Helps

Experts Confirm Women with Migraines Have Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Alzheimer's Cases Rise Among 'Oldest Old'; Crisis Looms, Experts Say

Severe COPD May Lead to Cognitive Impairment

Close Relationship with Caregivers Slows Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's Responds to Caffeine; Is Morning Coffee Medicinal?

Canes, Walkers Hazardous to Elderly Health; Serious Falls Common

Are Nitrates 'Smoking Gun' for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes Deaths?

FDA Approves Lung Cancer Drug; Better Survival Rates Cited

Inflammation May Trigger Alzheimer's Disease; 'Old' Drug May Help

Government Orders Stronger Warning Labels on Darvon, Darvocet

US Seniors 'Smarter' by 10 Years Than Their Aging English Peers: Study

FDA Panel Recommends Limits on Key Tylenol, Pain Killer Ingredient

Migraine Frequency Plays Role in Increased Stroke, Heart Attack Risk

Sleep Breathing Problems, Irregular Heartbeats Linked in Older Men

Experts ID Gene Linking Gum Disease to Heart Attack, Related Diseases

Elderly Decline More Quickly without Frequent Social Activity

June 2009 Articles:

Researchers Cite Cancer Breakthrough: Inoperable Tumors Almost Vanish

Depression May Hike Alzheimer's Risk in People with Memory Problems

Control Blood Pressure with Music? Experts Say Yes

Health-Related Bankruptcies Up 50%; Older Consumers Appear Hardest-Hit

Less Sleep Linked with High, Worsening Blood Pressure in Midlife

A 'Light Bulb' Moment for People with Dementia

How Caregivers and Elderly Directly Benefit from Innovation: Technology: Caregiving's New Frontier

Helping Our Loved Ones Deal With Loss: When the News Isn't Good

Tips on Low-Cost or Free Prescription Drugs: Affording Mom's Meds

When Parkinson's is Mistaken for Dementia: Caregiving and Parkinson's Psychosis

Stay Hydrated!: Beating the Heat - and Kidney Stones

Corn Flakes, White Bread May Lead to Heart Disease: Report

Measuring Brain's Memory Centers May Help Predict Alzheimer's

Drug Maker Accused of Pushing Ineffective Dementia Med

New 15-Point Risk Scale Helps Predict Alzheimer's Risk in Elderly

Maker of Device for Elderly Fractures Charged With Unlawful Clinical Trials

Maintaining Goals Late in Life Lowers Chances of Dying Earlier

Cold, Sleeping Meds with Benadryl Linked to Elderly Brain Impairment

'Major Breakthrough' Declared in Preventing Macular Degeneration

Move Over, Colonoscopy: DNA Stool Test May Predict Several Cancers

Some Seniors to See Reduced Social Security Benefits

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Help Prevent Stroke Recurrence

Caregiver Alert: Medtronic Recalls Kappa, Sigma Pacemakers

Popular Heartburn Meds May Lead to Broken Bones in Elderly

Hormone Therapy Protects Against Colon Cancer in Older Women

Eating Meat Doesn't Boost Breast Cancer Risk in Older Women: Report

When Elderly Better Understand Health Information, Happiness Abounds

14-Year Study Links Prostate Cancer to Single Rogue Cell

Health Problems, Medical Bills Trigger 60% of Bankruptcies: Harvard Study

Sunshine Cuts Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes in Elderly

Third of All Adults at Risk of Serious -- Even Fatal -- Fall; Worse with Age

Newer Antidepressants Not Always Better; High Marks for Zoloft, Lexapro

Here's a Surprise: Seniors Drive Worse When They Can See Better at Night

Caregiving for Stroke Victims Can Be Stressful -- but Mostly Rewarding

Flushing Out America's Bathroom Habits: Camping Out Is Common

May 2009 Articles:

How Technical Innovation is Changing the Face of Elder-Caregiving: Technology: Caregiving's New Frontier

Caregiver Retirement: Can It Be a Reality, or Will It Fade Away?

Caregiving Gadgets and Gizmos: Products for Memory Jogging, Scented Therapy

Assuring Your Loved One Has a 'Healthy' Hospital Stay: 10 Tips for Caregivers

Quit Your Belly Achin?: 5 Things You Need to Know About Digestive Disorders

A Drink or Two May Guard Against Dementia, But More Can Hasten It

Smoking Appears More Harmful to Women

Weight Loss in Old Age May Signal Dementia

Older People Appear More Resistant to Swine Flu, CDC Report

Dowager's Hump May Put Elderly Women at Higher Risk of Earlier Death

Elderly Often Don't Realize They've Had Stroke, Forget to Report It: Survey

Opioids Urged for Elderly with Chronic Pain, Sparking Controversy

Delirium May Cause Rapid Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer's Disease

Volunteering Linked to Longer Life in Aging Americans

Baby-Booming Caregivers Losing Health Coverage When It's Needed Most

OTC Pain Relievers to Carry Additional Warnings for Side Effects

Congress Becoming More Pro-Senior, Study Finds

New Evidence Ties Gene to Alzheimer's, Spotlights Risk Factor

Anti-Seizure Drug Boosts Sleep, Treats Restless Leg Syndrome

Still Irritating after All These Years: Adult Kids, Parents Still Bump Heads

Fast-Aging Population Will See Increasing Vision Impairment

Artificial Hips Last Twice as Long as Predicted? Surprisingly Durable

Caffeine Withdrawal: It's Not Just In Your Head

New US Cancer Cases Set to Explode Over Next Two Decades

Eating Blueberries May Help Reduce Dangerous Belly Fat

Grapefruit Juice May Fight Cancer: Study

Ya Just Had to Be There: A Good News Story About Turning 100

Can the Right Mask Prevent the Spread of Swine Flu?

Alzheimer's Front and Center in Ambitious HBO Series

April 2009 Articles:

Sorting Out Medical Opinion Overload: Adrift in a Sea of Specialists

Keeping Mom's Kitchen Safe: Food Safety and the Elderly

How a Care Plan Can Safeguard Your Loved One's Interests: Caregiver as Advocate

Dealing with Loved Ones Who Wander: Helping Assure a Safe Return Home

Lights, Camera, Colonoscopy: What to Expect When Your Doctor Wants an Inside Look

Urine Test May Predict Lung Cancer

It's No Laughing Matter: Daily Laughter Fights Heart Disease

Walnuts May Prevent Breast Cancer

Bad News for Backyard Chefs: Grilling Linked with Pancreatic Cancer

Landmark Alzheimer's Drug Cleared for Clinical Trials

Psoriasis Tied to Higher Diabetes, Blood Pressure Risk in Women

Aspirin May Trigger Bleeding in Brain, Indicate Future Dementia Risk

Older Diabetics at Higher Risk of Dementia

Common Meds May Trigger Delirium, Possibly Dementia: Report

Statins Can Work Wonders, But Not With Alzheimer's

Weight Gain Early in Life, Even if Later Lost, Causes Old Age Disabilities

Stroke Survivors Improve Balance with Tai Chi

Breakthrough "Mega Pill" May Cut Heart Attack, Stroke Risk in Single Tablet

Gloomy View of Old Age in Youth Leads to Bad Health Decades Later

Broccoli May Prevent Deadly Stomach Cancer: Study

Big Belly and Obesity Linked to Higher Risk of Restless Legs Syndrome

Prescription Sticker Shock: How to Cope and Stay Healthy

Exercise Benefits Chronic Heart Failure Patients, Especially Aerobics

Alzheimer's Indicator Linked to Brain Damage in Healthy Adults

Risk of Death Increases from Eating Red and Processed Meat: Report

Surprisingly, Exercise Seems to Lose Much of Its Benefit After Age 80

Old and Lonely with Few Friends Increases Health Risk

What You Drink More Important Than What You Eat in Weight Gain

Forget High Costs, Recession Unlikely to Discourage Smoking

March 2009 Articles:

Cognitive Decline: Brains Begin to Slow Down in Our Late 20s

Alzheimer's Care Costs Skyrocket; Impact of Disease Spreads

Are You Inhaling a Heart Attack? How Air Pollution Causes Heart Disease

Physically Fit Women Less Likely to Die of Breast Cancer

Can the Garden Pea Help Fight High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease?

Get Out of That Car . . . And Triple Your Health!

Caregivers Coping in a Bad Economy: Making Ends Meet

Tinnitus: a Constant, Unwelcome Companion: When an Inner Sound is Maddening

Many Options in Caring for Loved Ones at Home: Bringing Health Care Home

Varicose and Spider Veins Are Serious Business: Not Just Unsightly but Dangerous

A Preventable Form of Dementia: Understanding Vascular Cognitive Impairment

Drinking Milk May Fight Off Alzheimer's; Just Two Glasses Can Help

Depression Hikes Heart Disease Risk More than Genetics, Environment

Seniors Stay Healthier When Tutoring Kids

Popular Drugs Don't Benefit Elderly with One Type of Heart Failure

Folic Acid Supplements Linked to Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer

Senior Scams Rake Texas; Fake Grandchild Hoaxes Investigated

Blood Test May Diagnose Alzheimer's

Study Suggests Salt Might be 'Nature's Antidepressant'

Diabetes, High Cholesterol Tied to Faster Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer's

Holy Cow! Keeping the Faith Might Help You Lose Weight

Those Love Handles Put the Squeeze on Lungs

Red or White Wine? Both Equal in Terms of Breast Cancer Risk

Moderate Alcohol Intake Can Strengthen Bones as We Age

Why's Mom so Calm? Seniors Control Emotions Better than Young Adults

Older Drinkers Get Drunk Faster, Many Without Realizing It

Aging Americans Have Nutrition Deficit; Some Simply Don't Eat Enough

Alcohol Abuse May Cause Depression, Other Mood Disorders: Study

Broccoli May Help Protect Against Asthma, Other Respiratory Conditions

Crafts and Computer Games May Reduce Dementia Risk

Pregnancies Increase, Natural Estrogen Cuts Female Parkinson's Risk

Vitamins, Folic Acid May Slow Vision Loss in Elderly

Prevent Breast, Colon Cancers, Among Others, with Healthier Lifestyle

Prostate Cancer Testing May Be Unnecessary for Some Older Men

Green, Black Tea Can Reduce Stroke Risk: Report

February 2009 Articles:

Second-Hand Smoke May Cause Dementia

Family History of Melanoma Linked to Parkinson's Disease

Coffee May Cut Stroke Risk in Women -- But Not for Smokers

Psoriasis Drug Linked to Three Deaths from Rare Brain Infection: FDA

Researchers Cast Doubt on Role of Antioxidants in Slowing Aging

Living Near Fast Food May Raise Stroke Risk

Battered Economy's Big Bite on Seniors: Can They Weather the Storm?

Adult Day Care: Another Way to Care: A Caregiver Primer

Helping Children and Teens Understand Dementia: Can They Weather the Storm?

Getting a Handle on Wandering: Six Ways to Anticipate and Prevent Danger

Older Adults Say Cash Might Motivate Them to Walk: 'Show Me the Money'

Common Aspirin Can Protect Against Stomach Cancer: Study

Diet May Be Factor in Memory Retention

Popular Inhalers Increase Risk of Pneumonia for COPD Patients

Tests May Predict Driving Safety in People with Alzheimer's Disease

Another Study Discounts Vitamin Benefits, This Time for Women

Bad News for Male Marijuana Smokers: 70% Higher Testicular Cancer Risk

Diabetic Insulin May Create Shield to Combat Alzheimer's

Costs Prompt a Million Cancer Survivors to Skip Necessary Medical Care

Can Stroke Drug Cut Alzheimer's Risk? Human Tests Next

Soy May Guard Against Some Cancers

Broken Bones May Hike Death Risk for Seniors

Balance Training May 'Inoculate' Elderly Against Falls

Half of Family Caregivers Admit Abusing Loved Ones with Dementia: Study

Chronic Pain Especially Common Among Obese Elderly

Calm, Socially Active People May Cut Their Dementia Risk in Half: Study

FDA Urged to Ditch Popular Painkiller Especially Dangerous to Elderly

Cognitive Decline Tied to Use of Anticholinergic Meds by Seniors

Heart Association Touts Common Omega-6 Fatty Acids to Protect Health

January 2009 Articles:

Vision Tests for Older Drivers Not Proven to Prevent Crashes

Alzheimer's Weight Loss Avoided with Fish Oil Supplements: Study

Older Adults at High Risk for Drug Interactions

Taking Part in Alzheimer's Research Based on Family Caregiver Consent

Improved PSA Tests May Better Determine Prostate Cancer Risk

Come on, Grandpa, Grab That Video Game Controller to Stay Fit

Recognizing and Treating Pain in a Loved One: When Pain is a Constant Companion

How to Place Boundaries Around Your Caregiving: Helping While Staying 'Healthy'

Understanding Glaucoma: Disarming the Elderly's Silent Vision Thief

Tackling Those Tough Financial Discussions Tactfully: Avoiding a Caregiving Minuet

10 Tips on Keeping Seniors Safe in Winter

Senior Smokers Found to Greatly Increase Their Alzheimer's Risk

More Older Drivers Driving More Miles ? But Fewer Fatal Crashes

Cold Weather May Trigger High Blood Pressure in Elderly

Seniors at Extra Risk of Hypothermia; Tips for Warmth

Cholesterol Risk Guidelines May Be Lax in Warning Heart Damage: Study

Identify Dangers Lurking in Elderly's Medicine Cabinet

Aspirin, Other Common Painkillers May Cut Bowel Cancer Risk

Older Diabetics Suffer from Lasting Mental Slowdown: Report

Vitamins Don't Prevent Cancer; Better Diet Helps: Study

Sleep Disorder May Be Early Sign of Dementia or Parkinson's Disease

Experts Link Sleep Apnea to Stroke and Death; Describe Danger Signs

Knee Replacement, More Common with Age, Not Without Risks

Moderate Drinking Can Reduce Alzheimer's Risk

Not Many Nursing Homes Praised in Government's New Quality Rankings

Common Food Additive Linked to Lung Cancer

Reduced Blood Flow Triggers Brain Starvation, May Cause Alzheimer's

Kidney Injury Puts Elderly at High Risk for Serious Kidney Disease

High Blood Pressure May Muddle the Elderly?s Ability to Think Clearly

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