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Articles from 2010

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December 2010 Articles:

Helping a Hoarder

What You Need to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance: Averting Your Care Crisis

Creating a Strategy for Dealing with Alzheimer's: Four Key Steps

Getting Help for Elderly Depression and Dementia

Four Exercises Can Help Treat Arthritis, Rheumatic Diseases: Move Your Body and Fight Arthritis

Special Shoes Could Help Reduce Knee Loads: Arthritic Knees

Seniors and Substance Abuse

Secondhand Smoke Said to Kill 600,000 Each Year,

Daily Aspirin May Prevent Cancer,

Women More Stubborn in Turning Down Tests

Too Much Belly Fat Increases Risk of Osteoporosis;

Redefining 'Service'

November 2010 Articles:

Alzheimer's Fed by Chemical

695 May Be Alzheimer's Magic Number

Elderly Can Blame Fractures and Falls on Low Sodium

Today's 70-Year-Olds Smarter Than 30 Years Ago;

Do We Lose the Sense of Taste?

Determine Alzheimer's in 30 Seconds?

British Scientists Report Cure for Common Cold

Eat Your Beets! They Fight Off Dementia:

New Clues on Why Some People with Parkinson's Die Sooner

Heavy Smoking Doubles Alzheimer's Risk, Study Finds

Study Finds Watermelon Lowers Blood Pressure

Aspirin May Improve Prostate Cancer Survival Odds

Walk Much? It May Protect Your Memory Down the Road

October 2010 Articles:

Terminal Cancer May Not Be So Terminal After All: Study

Low Testosterone Linked to Alzheimer's; Higher Levels May Be Protective

Good News on Prostate Cancer: Death Rate Drops 45%; Blacks Still Higher Risk

Taking Blood Pressure Meds at Night May Be More Effective, Researchers Say

New Drug May Drastically Reduce Germs Spread By Coughs

Family Detect Early Dementia Better than Clinical Exams

Ample Flu Vaccine Supply Includes Swine Flu Protection; Super-Dose for Seniors

Garlic Oil Shows Potential Heart Benefit; Could Especially Help Diabetics

September 2010 Articles:

Researchers Trace Alzheimer's Process; Hope to Find Effective Treatment

New Treatment for Gout Targets Hard to Treat Cases

Alcohol More Potent in Older Drinkers; Just 2 Drinks Can Slow Reaction: Study

FDA Reviews Safety of Popular Type 2 Diabetes Drug; Cancer Risk Cited

Recurring Stomach Pain May Be a Warning Sign: Keeping Seniors Healthy

Blood Test May Detect Alzheimer's; Docs Could Catch Disease in Early Stage

Osteoporosis Drugs Linked to Rare Bone Fractures, But Med Still Has Benefits

'Senior Moments' Not Normal, Could Be Serious Warning, Researchers Say

Ginger Can Effectively Relieve Muscle Pain: Study

Gender May Play Alzheimer's Role; Memory Problems More Common in Men?

Blood Pressure Drugs May Fight Frailty, Strengthen Muscles in Elderly: Study

With Cooler Weather Arriving, More Heart Attacks Are in the Wind

Older Adults Prefer Negative News on Young People; Feeds Their Self Esteem

August 2010 Articles:

Stressed in Midlife? Alzheimer's Risk Doubled in Women

Most Nursing Home Deaths Occur Within One Year of Arrival: Report

Some Hypertension Drugs Can Boomerang, Actually Raise Blood Pressure

Researchers Identify Factors that Lead to 'Successful Aging'

Are Brains Born Programmed for Obesity?

Brain Fitness Programs May Help Frail Elderly Walk Faster

Expensive Blood Pressure Meds No Better Than Generic Diuretics: Study

Use of Physical Restraints in Nursing Homes Cut By Half in 8 Years

Embarking on a New Journey of Caregiving -- Tested Lessons

Deep Brain Stimulation Shows Promise for Alzheimer's Patients

Alzheimer's May Increase Risk of Anemia and Seizures

Americans Cut Risk of Heart Disease Death in Half; Prevention Is Key

Older Blacks and Latinos with Cognitive Impairment Live Longer Than Whites

Sleep Disorder May Signal Dementia, Parkinson's 50 Years Before Diagnosis

Drinking Alcohol Temporarily Increases Stroke Risk, Study Finds

Use of Household Cleaning Products May Double Breast Cancer Risk

Caregiver Alert: Diabetics Target of Identity Theft Scam

July 2010 Articles:

Larger Head Size May Protect Against Alzheimer's Symptoms

Want to Slow Aging? Antioxidants Only Part of Story

Health Care Law Mandates 'Free' Preventive Care

Compound in Red Wine Neutralizes Toxicity of Proteins Linked to Alzheimer's

Depression May Nearly Double Risk of Dementia

Study Finds Antidepressants, Psychotherapy Not Working in Older Men

Alzheimer's Blood Test on Horizon; Could Warn of AD Risk 10 Years Sooner

Cancer Death Rate Continues to Fall; Colon, Lung Cancer Still Big Killers

Amidst Caregiving's Demands, Taking 22 Minutes to Witness a Life

Alcohol Consumption Lowers Risk of Several Arthritic Conditions

Vitamin D May Help Seniors Stay Sharp, But Vitamin Is Often Lacking

Higher Testosterone May Raise Heart Disease Risk in Elderly Men

New Study Identifies Best Tests for Predicting Alzheimer's

Glaucoma Deserves, Quick, Serious Attention: Keeping Seniors Healthy

June 2010 Articles:

Nearly Half of Nation's Adults Have at Least One Heart Disease Trigger: CDC

Science Closing in on Mystery of Age-Related Memory Loss: Report

Experts Probe Whether New Docs Are Linked to Death Spike Each July

Blood Clotting Problems Contribute to Alzheimer's Disease

Suggestions for a Caregiver's Bag of Tricks

Substance Abuse Is Dramatically Growing Problem for Seniors: Report

Feared Side Effect of Alzheimer's Drugs Is Unlikely: Study

New Scam Targets Elderly on One-Time $250 Medicare Benefit Payment

Vitamin D May Protect Against Influenza and Other Viruses

Healthy Diet May Reverse Early Alzheimer's Effects: Study

Second-Hand Smoke Tied to Much Greater Risk of Psychiatric Problems

Poor Teeth Brushing Can Lead to Heart Disease; 70% Greater Risk

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Nearly Doubles Dementia Risk in Older Veterans

Alzheimer's Costs to Top Eye-Popping $20 Trillion in US Over Next 40 Years

'Brain Pacemaker' Improves Motor Function in Parkinson's Patients

Study Pinpoints One Cause of Cognitive Decline in Old Age

Yoga Improves Sleep and Quality of Life for Cancer Survivors

Protein Linked to Alzheimer's May Attack Disease Progress

Caffeine May Help Prevent Cataract Formation

Drinking Less Soda Pop May Lower Blood Pressure, Cut Stroke Risk

Breast Cancer Survivors May Face Second Cancers If They Smoke

Collecting Memories While Caregiving

Recognizing and Treating Arthritis

May 2010 Articles:

Grapes May Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Middle-Aged Women Unprepared for Demands of Their Own Old Age

Falling in Old Age Linked to Altered Blood Flow in Brain

FDA Approves New Prostate Cancer Therapy; Tests Boosted Life Expectancy

Men with Asthma and Eczema May Have Lower Cancer Risk

Older Women with Diabetes Face Higher Risk for Colon Cancer

Vitamin D in High Doses Increases Fracture Risk in Older Women: Study

Eating Nuts Found to Improve Cholesterol Levels

Spouses of Dementia Sufferers at 6 Times Greater Risk of Dementia Too

Elderly in Assisted Living Sleep Poorly, Causing Depression, Poor Quality of Life

Why Is Depression in Older Adults Harder to Treat?

Broccoli May Be Weapon Against Breast Cancer

Tips for Hiring a Caregiver

We Don't Save or Plan for Aging Moms, Survey Shows

This Stuff Will Kill Ya: Smoking, Booze, Poor Diet, No Exercise

Researchers Link Chocolate to Depression

CDC: High-Impact Efforts Needed Urgently to Cut Smoking Deaths

Shingles? No Laughing Matter for Elderly

April 2010 Articles:

Red Wine May Shield Brain from Stroke Damage

Meat Cooked at High Heat or Well Done May Hike Bladder Cancer Risk

Proper Diet May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk: Study

Study Finds High Rates of At-Risk Drinking Among Elderly Adults

Seniors in More Severe Auto Crashes Than Younger Drivers

For Older Adults, Flu Season Tends to Peak First in Nevada, Last in Maine

Walking Tied to Lower Stroke Risk in Women

Guidelines Issued for Drivers with Alzheimer's

Simple Test an Early Predictor of Alzheimer's

Johnson & Johnson Pushed Drugs on Seniors, Suit Alleges

Sleep Apnea Linked to Increased Risk of Stroke; Risk Doubled in Men

Fatal Injuries Increase in Older Americans; Alcohol Plays Role

Hearing Problems Common with Aging

Many Arrests in Hidden Camera Nursing Home Probe; Neglect Charged

Walnuts May Help Fight Prostate Cancer

Women and Diabetics Most at Risk of Sinking into Medicare's 'Donut Hole'

Many Elderly Lack Decision-Making Ability at Death; Advance Directives a Must

March 2010 Articles:

Is Your Anger in Check?: Keeping Caregiving's Roller Coaster on the Tracks

When Dad Stops Eating: Do Feeding Tubes Help or Harm Quality of Life?

Is Mom Being Swindled?: Financial Abuse and the Elderly

Drug Relief: Dodging the Financial Bullet of Stinging Prescription Costs

Tools Can Help Seniors Maintain Independence: When Vision Dims

Diseased Gums Pose Elderly Heart Danger: Good Dental Hygiene Is Critical

Hearing Problems Plague Half of Our Elderly

Those Middle-Age Memory Lapses Could Mean Alzheimer's Next

Elderly Sleep Apnea Sufferers May Actually Live Longer

Older Problem Drinkers Use More Alcohol Than Younger Alcohol Abusers

Surgery Doesn't Trigger Memory Problems in Elderly, Reversing Theory

Later-in-Life Sexual Activity is Mixed Bag

Feeling Lonely Increases Blood Pressure for Aging Adults

Some Elderly Worry All the Time, But Treatments Available

Arthritic Knee Replacement in Elderly Patients Shown to Improve Balance

Common Osteoporosis Drugs Linked to Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Older ER Patients Receive Wrong Meds, Mostly Painkillers, Antihistamines

Popular Anti-Cholesterol Drugs Could Slow Prostate Cancer Progression

Experimental Drug Safely Lowers Bad Cholesterol Equal to Double Statin Dose

An Ibuprofen a Day Could Keep Parkinson's Away

Alzheimer's Risk Lower if You Have Greater Life Goals

Forever Young (at Heart), Seniors Can Ease Depression with Video Games

Seniors Suffering Fewer Strokes; Younger Adults Not So Lucky

More Than Half of All Seniors Not Required to File Federal Tax Return

Untreated Poor Vision in Elderly Linked to Dementia

PoliGrip, Staple for Elderly, Under Poison Scrutiny; Maker to Remove Zinc

Hospital Stay May Be a Slippery Slope to Cognitive Decline

February 2010 Articles:

Can Chocolate Lower Your Risk of Stroke?

One in Three Seniors Needing Kidney Transplant Wait Too Long: Study

What's in a Name? If It's 'Maalox,' FDA Says It May Be 'Danger'

Breast Cancer Rates Decline, But Affluent White Women Benefit Most

Diet Too Rich in Essential Amino Acid Can Lead to Alzheimer's

Migraine Headache Could Be Heart Warning

Loss of Smell in Middle Age May Be Telltale Sign of Early Onset Alzheimer's

FDA OKs Use of Crestor to Help Older Adults Avoid Heart Disease

Memory Failing? You May Be at Higher Risk for Stroke

FDA OKs New Diabetes Treatment That Caused Tumors in Rodent Tests

Nearly a Third of Elderly Not Immunized Against Pneumonia

ED Poses a Potential Risk of Future Heart Problems

Diabetes Triples Risk of Dementia in Some Older Adults

Overweight Seniors Live Longer Than Trimmer Older Adults: Study

Old Depression Med Offers Promise in Treating Heart Failure

Obstructive Sleep Apnea May Worsen Diabetes

January 2010 Articles:

Drowsiness, Staring and Other Mental Lapses May Signal Alzheimer's

'Remarkable' Protein Therapy May Reverse Stroke Effects Long After Attack

Simple Eye Test Could Aid Alzheimer's Detection

Caregiving Can Result in Stroke -- Yours!

High Blood Pressure Linked to Dementia in Women

Reducing Parkinson's Drug Dosage Triggers Cocaine Withdrawal-Like Reaction

Medicare Offers Extra Prescription Drug Aid for Seniors

Even Very Late in Life, Quitting Smoking Can Save Vision

New Brain Scan Detects Earliest Signs of Alzheimer's in Healthy People

Cell Phone Exposure May Protect Against -- or Even Reverse -- Alzheimer's

CT Scan Worries: Some Scans Double Cancer Risk

Medicare Recipients in 'Doughnut Hole' Skip Meds; Part D Little Help

Oddly, Alzheimer's May Protect Against Cancer -- and Vice Versa: Study

Delaying Aging Process May Prevent Alzheimer's

Seniors Buried in Confusion over Meds; Some Take 19 Pills Daily: Survey

Irregular Arm Swing May Point to Parkinson's, Earlier Diagnosis

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