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Practical Caregiving
By Jean Donahue

January 2009 Articles:

When Mom Wants to Break Up Your Relationship

When the Inevitable Moving Day Comes for Mom and Dad

December 2008 Articles:

Running Ragged in Caregiving Runaround

Getting a Handle on Your Own Stress

November 2008 Articles:

Caregiving Lite ? Or Preparing or the Real Thing in Tough Times

Don't Forget Yourself in Upcoming Holidays

October 2008 Articles:

Is a Deathbed Vision Possible?

Public Transportation Can Be Elderly's (and Your) Best Friend

September 2008 Articles:

When You Can?t Stand the Person You Care For-- It Happens

Geriatric Care Managers Can Help Frazzled Families

August 2008 Articles:

When You're Taken to the Edge with Caregiving

July 2008 Articles:

In Caregiving, Play the Hand You're Dealt ? and Play it Well

Facing Mom's Wish to Die

June 2008 Articles:

In Disaster's Face, Caregivers Must Prepare

Finding Ways to Best Help Mom and Dad

Nursing Home Decisions -- Always Difficult

May 2008 Articles:

What to Do When Day-to-Day Caregiving Cooperation Falls Short

What if I Become My Parent's Guardian?

April 2008 Articles:

Strange Behavior Requires Determined Action

Recognizing Elder Abuse

March 2008 Articles:

When Dad Is Stubborn and Fearful

Doctors Can Make Mistakes Too: A Lesson for All

February 2008 Articles:

More on Those Food Tips -- and How to Find a Caring Caregiver

Seeing the Good in Bad Situations

January 2008 Articles:

Preparing for the Inevitable (and Money-Saving Tip)

Presidential Candidates and Caregiving: Do They Have a POV?

December 2007 Articles:

Taking Away the Keys

Where is Care for the Caregiver in This Political Season?

November 2007 Articles:

Romantic Entanglements (or Not) for Caregivers and the Elderly

At Thanksgiving, Make a Point of Finding Happiness

October 2007 Articles:

Finding Innovation in Fighting Caregiving's Many 'Fires'

Tuning in to the Changes in Loved Ones' Lives

Escaping from Your Feelings

September 2007 Articles:

Help! And Ways to Get It

Near or Far, Knowing a Loved One's Needs is Critical

August 2007 Articles:

Stop Thinking and Start Moving on Getting Some Relief

What to Do When You Need Help Helping a Parent

July 2007 Articles:

Money, Scams and the Elderly: A Bad Recipe

June 2007 Articles:

Banishing Elderly Loved One from Family Event Draws Reader Ire

When on the Edge, Take That 'Must' Break

May 2007 Articles:

Is Aging a Reason to Exclude Elderly from Family Events?

Whether Mom or Dad, Caregiver Headaches Abound

April 2007 Articles:

Thanks for a Too-Often Thankless Job

When Caregiver Emotions Blur Dad's Care

Poor Dental Care Can Lead to Many Physical Problems

March 2007 Articles:

Overcoming Elderly Pride for Their Own Good

Planning for Love One's End is Essential Hard Work

February 2007 Articles:

When Caring Taxes Us Most, Take a Breath and Keep Moving

If You Think You're Cold, Try It at Age 80!

January 2007 Articles:

When You're Just Plain Tired from Years of Caregiving

When Whistle Blowing Costs Your Job -- But Saves a Life

July 2006 Articles:

Looking Back and Looking Forward at Practical Caregiving

June 2006 Articles:

Drowning in the Caregiver Role While Siblings Do Nothing

May 2006 Articles:

Downsizing Mom and Dad

Emotional and Physical Abuse -- Is This Part of Caregiving?

Don't Worry; Be Happy -- It Can Work for You

March 2006 Articles:

Sibling in No-Win Tug-of-War Over Mom's Interests

Remembering Dana Reeve -- Wife, Mother, Caregiver

February 2006 Articles:

Many Causes for Lack of Motivation in Elderly

Caregiving Love and Questions . . . (and Answers?)

January 2006 Articles:

Accepting Life When Dad Has a New Girlfriend

Thanks -- a Small Word with Big Meaning

The Human (Caregiving) Condition -- Touching Women, Using Others' Money

December 2005 Articles:

Food, Food, Food -- and (Maybe) Nutrition

November 2005 Articles:

Why Is She Making Those Sounds?

Headaches: Sibling Squabbles and Bathing a Neighbor

Flu is Nothing to Sneeze At -- Get Your Shot!

October 2005 Articles:

From Bathing to Elderly Vanity, Caregivers Have Questions

Looking in the Caregiver Mirror to Take Better Care of Yourself

'Woe Is Me' -- Plaintive Cry of Some Caregivers?

Tips for Getting a Good Night of Sleep

September 2005 Articles:

Finding Our Way As Caregivers

A Nation of Caregivers in Katrina's Aftermath

When Care and Resentment Meet Head-on in Caregiving

August 2005 Articles:

Waning Elderly Hygiene Can Stink for Caregivers

Dementia's Toll on Caregivers and Our Elderly

The Games People Play -- Especially Older People

What to Do About Needy Parents and Spouses

Humor is an Important Caregiving Ingredient

July 2005 Articles:

Caution! Heat Waves Are Deadly for the Elderly

Keeping Friendships and Dealing With Fatal Illness

Disaster Planning is Essential for Caregivers

From an Earlier Time -- It Was Still Called Caregiving

June 2005 Articles:

Navigating the Fine Line of Proper Caregiving

A Primer on Elderly Driving -- and Alternatives

Job One: Staying on Top of Your Loved One's Needs

Pill Dispensers Can Avoid Serious Meds Mixups

May 2005 Articles:

Greedy Brothers Not in Parents' Will

Getting Organized

Next Steps With Mom as She Changes Before Our Eyes

April 2005 Articles:

Knowing Family Medical History Can Save Lives - Yours too!

Clarity on Legal Documents, and Caregiver Frustration

Sitting on a Time Bomb: Caregiving for a Dying Loved One

In Schiavo's Wake, Time to Clearly Record Your Own Wishes

March 2005 Articles:

Identify Theft: Specific Safeguards for Caregivers

How to Minimize the Risk of Identity and Credit Theft

Protecting Your Own and Your Elderly's Identity from Theft

Dealing with Overwhelming Caregiving Duties

February 2005 Articles:

What to Do When "Things Change" in Caregiving

Going for the Gusto in Life

So Tired . . . And What to Do?

Caregiver?s Lament: Oh, My Aching Back!

January 2005 Articles:

The Challenge of Moving to Assisted Living ?
and Remaining Happy

Looking Back on Caregiving Victories

Finding a Cure for the Post-Holiday Blues

Common Problems, Different Solutions

Cancer: Remaining Positive Amidst Fearing and Loathing

December 2004 Articles:

Two Daughters, Two Problems

A Special Holiday Caregiving Memory Shared

Ways to Motivate Your Unmotivated Loved Ones

Caregiving Tips to Make the Holidays Merry

November 2004 Articles:

Dementia Caregiving in Two Practical Settings

She Should-a, Could-a, and Would-a . . .
But Didn't and Now Regrets Her Decision

Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia Differ in Many Ways

Getting a Clearer Picture of a Cloudy Mind

Joy and Frustration Are Both Symbols of Caregiving

October 2004 Articles:

The Cold Facts About Hypothermia in Our Elderly

In Caregiving, No Magic Pills -- or Easy Answers

Learning the Ropes of Guardianship

Hurt and Guilt -- the Same in Caregivers as Children

September 2004 Articles:

Keeping It All Straight -- Meds, That Is

Does Doc Know His Own Best Medicine?
Plus . . . Jean's Soft Shoulder

Pets Can Become a Caregiver's Assistant

Avoiding the Slippery Slope of Parental Control

August 2004 Articles:

Music to a Caregiver's Ears, Therapy for the Elderly

Parents: Stories Differ, but the Worry is the Same

Spotting Suicidal Signs in Ourselves and Our Elderly

Our Elderly Sometimes Go Overboard with Pets

Guarding Against Elder Abuse is Everyone?s Duty

July 2004 Articles:

Research and Request to Get Benefits You Deserve

The Parental Push-Me-Pull-You

Relax! There Are Solutions to Help You

The Never-Ending Complexities of the Adult Child as Caregiver

June 2004 Articles:

Nancy Reagan as Caregiver (Part 2): A Differing View

Denial and Abuse Are Not Caregiving Attributes!

An Open Letter to Nancy Reagan, Caregiver

Do You Feel Like You Got More Than You Bargained For?

May 2004 Articles:

Remember to Remember

Protect Your Elderly -- and Yourself -- Against Costly Scams

"All in the Family" Never Had Such a Meaning!

An Informed Caregiver Is an Effective Caregiver

April 2004 Articles:

Nasty and Stubborn Parents -- a Bad Brew

Senior Drinking Is Not All Fun and Games

Guarding Against Elderly Wandering and Handling Siblings Who Ignore Caregiving Preparations

The Helping Hand of Assisted Living

March 2004 Articles:

Perspective Helps in Parenting Our Parents

Spruce Up Your Surroundings for Everyone?s Well-Being

Mending Fences Through Caregiving

Knowing What You Need Is the First Step In Getting What You Need

Is There Only One "Right" Decision in Caregiving?
Usually Not.

February 2004 Articles:

Dealing with Second Medical Opinions, Mom?s Feeling of Being ?Kidnapped,? and Making Nursing Homes Accountable

Is Your Loved One's Home Senior-Safe?

From the Mailbag: Why Won?t My Spouse Listen!?

Until You Share, Others Won?t Know You Care

January 2004 Articles:

Tugging at Marital Strings in the Face of Illness

Guilt Is a Common Caregiver Affliction - Let's Avoid It

Motivating a Person Without Motivation

Finding the 'Right' Nursing Home

December 2003 Articles:

How to Reasonably Take Away the Car Keys

A Question of Mom's Smoking

Introduction to Practical Caregiving

From time to time, we will highlight your questions on caregiving and try to lend a guiding light with answers or solutions that we feel will work for you in a practical sense. We don't pretend to be doctors, psychologists or legal experts in this weekly Practical Caregiving column, but we probably can help with our own practical experience as a basis.

Write me your practical caregiving questions at this address:

Try to keep your questions to no more than 150 words and be sure to include your full name, full postal address and phone number (as well as email address) in case I need to contact you. If we use your question here, I will not identify you in this column with your full name - only your first name and location. Your privacy is important to us!

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