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For the caregiver . . .

Pederson Publishing has created several ways for today’s busy caregiver to stay abreast of the latest news, advice, information and resources to assure that your caregiving experience is a successful and healthy one. In each case, providing caregivers with information they can trust is our solemn pledge.

Among the information sources you can choose from:

The Caregiver’s Home Companion

The Caregiver’s Home Companion is a monthly printed and electronic (emailed) 8-page newsletter written for and by caregivers.

The mission of The Caregiver’s Home Companion is to help its readers be better family caregivers through the experiences of other caregivers, dialogue with professionals versed in elder-caregiving, and ongoing emphasis on common-sense caregiving solutions. The Caregiver’s Home Companion is the Number One source for dealing with the pain and joy of being a caregiver.

Each month, The Caregiver’s Home Companion offers straightforward, tightly written actionable information to help caregivers better cope with the events and episodes of caregiving and to assure their own health is cared for along the way.

Into this mix, advertisers and sponsors deliver educational material, coupons and special offers on events, services and items – all intended to address the needs of today’s busy caregiver.

You can learn about special discounts and subscribe to The Caregiver’s Home Companion by clicking this link: SUBSCRIBE.

The Caregiver’s Hotline

Between newsletter issues, we produce The Caregiver’s Hotline, a weekly emailed update on the latest news that’s relevant to family caregivers and the elderly. The emphasis is on national, state and local developments – inside government and medical research laboratories -- on subjects as wide-ranging as Medicare and Medicaid to treatment and medication advances, to studies and surveys on topics affecting caregivers and the care-given.

The Caregiver’s Hotline is sponsored by companies and organizations whose focus is providing goods and services to ease their task, and the email arrives on-schedule, every week, directly in your e-mailbox. It’s like your own “special report.”

Click here NOW to take advantage of this valuable free offer, and don’t miss a single issue!

The Caregiver’s Companion

The Caregiver’s Companion is a unique publication dedicated to the needs of the nation’s more than 22 million family caregivers of the elderly. This special annual edition features articles by some of the nation’s most unsung heroes, the men and women who are making the lives of their loved ones happier and more productive while maintaining their own critical balance in life.

The pages of Caregiver’s Companion are filled with how-to articles, equipment reviews, smart tips, physician suggestions and a host of other “must know” ideas that make it a year-round resource guide. You’ll want to keep your Companion nearby as a handy reference.

The Caregiver’s Companion will be distributed in Summer 2005.

Reserve your FREE copy now by clicking here and filling out the form: REQUEST. You’ll also be eligible for discounts on our monthly newsletter as well as receive special offers and discounts on products and services helpful to caregivers and their loved ones.


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