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July 5, 2006
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Posted: June 29, 2005

Professional Caregiving

The Time is NOW - Leadership Awaits You

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on Boomers Mean Business, after attending the National Council on Aging/American Society on Aging conference.  Specifically, the information I shared came from a session led by Mary Furlong, President of  Furlong and Associates, which "is a proven team of business innovators like no other. Comprised of talent from marketing, editorial, business, online content and community, research and experts from the field of aging, MFA is uniquely positioned to help you succeed in the boomer and senior markets."  

I called Mary and interviewed her to share her insights with you, the professionals who now are working with seniors and have their hands on the pulse of this market.

Mary defines what she does as being a business thought leader - she plants ideas all over the country and nurtures professionals to help them grow into successful businesses that serve the senior population. She writes the Boomer Senior Market Report, she holds annual entrepreneurial competitions like the "Silicon Boomer Venture Summit," coming up in June. These conferences bring the best of the business community together (i.e. business analysts, and experts in venture capital, corporate, entrepreneurial, non-profit and business school chairs of aging etc.) 

Where did this all begin? She started as a Technology Educator, curriculum developer in the early 80's when she was asked to write a book, Computers for Kids over 60, which began her awareness of the enormous possibilities of bringing seniors and technology together. It was a known fact that social isolation and loneliness were problems many seniors faced, and Mary realized the enormity of the gap which the internet could solve. Opportunities to bring communities together, help people connect, get and give companionship to one another through the internet became her mission.  She created a non-profit company, Senior Net, as an on-line community, but because many seniors did not have the technology or skill sets to be a part of this community, Senior Net started technology centers that now number 240 nationwide. This year Senior Net will be 20!

She spent the next 10 years in the for-profit world, starting Third Age, a media company aimed at the boomer market. This company has been so successful that it has been able to endow Senior Net for the years ahead.

This has been a calling for her, and yet, bringing these two very different arenas together has been challenging. She has had to work at melding the vocabulary and culture variances between the for-profit and not-for-profit industries.  The lingo, the visions, the speed in which action can be taken, are all on very different planes in both the business and senior service communities, but challenges are invitations for action in which she immerses herself.

Most inspiring to her are the seniors she has met along the way, some of whom volunteered 20 hours a week to teach computer skills to seniors at Senior Net, and they, because of their commitment, were integral in growing the organization.  She has deep satisfaction in carrying a torch for an idea, especially now that many have picked it up to carry along beside her. Technology has allowed older adults' creativity to blossom, and this is what Mary says she has learned in working with seniors: 

Give a 7 year old a computer and they have 7 years of experience to share, give a 70 year old a computer and they have 7 decades of talent and creativity to share with the world. 

This vision, to grow companies whose ethos supports the intellectual and creative growth of seniors is where she derives her energy.

"We are in the same place that technology was 40 years ago," she says.  Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Silicon Valley has said over and over again that, "technology is going to be getting smaller and faster, and even smaller and even faster."  Well, Mary says in response: "the aging market is going to get bigger and better, and even bigger and better!"


Sylvia Nissenboim is a licensed clinical social worker and who has been working in the field of adult day services in the St. Louis area. She is the director of four adult care and enrichment centers for the American Red Cross and also operates a personal and professional coaching firm, LifeWork Transitions, specializing in caregiving concerns, adult day care management and other aging services, such as virtual coaching and family care giving support groups. She co-authored The Positive Interactions Program, is a national speaker, and has served as president of the Missouri Adult Day Care Association and as a member of the Missouri Governor's Advisory Council on Aging..

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